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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Found some wild bunnies in my yard....

This is what was in my yard yesterday afternoon... amazing isnt it... Wild bunnies. They look like a rare breed.... Oh well, they are cute enough, I guess, so we named 'em!

They dont look to happy with the 'carrots' I offered them... not sure what this breed of bunnies might like to eat... I wonder if they like candy, thats all I have left....LOL Besides the candy will fatten them up for market.....

Wow, the candy worked...they are loaded into the wagon (and with sugar)...bwahahahahaha.

Off to the market..... Hope Poppy doesnt trade them for magic beans!!!!

Wow...what an eventful day....now "Sugar" and "Poppy" need REST!!!!
Hope your yard is full of "bunnies" looking for candy on this very special day.... Happy Easter everyone!!!
Gotta split......oooppppsss, thats not a chocolate covered raisin!!!!!
xoxoxoxoxoxo Crystal


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

You are way too funny! Great pictures & even greater story!

Happy Easter, girlfriend!


Debby said...


Denise Clark said...

Adorable! Love them in the cart! Love to see photos of the families! TErrific!

Linda B said...

Cute bunnies! Happy Easter, Crystal:)

Jana M. said...

Happy Easter, Crystal! Cute picture story. And what darling bunnies! Have a great day!