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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Like, far out...man!!!

You won't believe all the new images that are on the Modern Sugar Blvd., and they are having a sale too!!! This is one of the new images, don't ya 'lava' it??? Bwahahahahahahaha. Very simple image but can be used in SO many ways... I clear embossed the glass part of the lamp and then added some glitter to some of the 'globs' floating around. The dsp looked so much like those 'globs' to me that I just had to use it. i used some velum and the sentiment is computer generated. So turn on the lamp so you can find your way to the MSBlvd. and check out all the groovy images. Some aren't as 'far out' as this one, some are just pure sweetness!!!!!
Until later, sugarettes.....Gotta split.....TFL !!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet, sugary sweet new releases and a challenge...

Are you up for it??? The first one is a card made with one of the new releases, its called 'Stacked Up' This can used for so many things, think about maybe a coupon book for free dishwashing...or a reminder for your dishwasher; you could do one clean tag and one dirty tag so you dont forget when you're loading up that dishwasher. Cool, huh??? Uhmmm, I mean suh-weet!!!!

The next one is a pair of really suh-weet rain boots. They could be colored any color in the rainbow. Get it, rainbow, rain, bwahahahahahaha. I tickle myself sometimes... The sentiment I chose is: Shoes and friends...you can never have too many !
I might also add that you can never have too many digi's, so put those dishes away and put on your boots and take a stroll down
Modern Sugar Blvd. Heck, you might even see some other great digi's while you're there. There will also be a great new challenge on the MSB blog so take a stroll over there while you're at it!!!
Until later, Shugs....Gotta split......TFL !


Friday, May 29, 2009


Here's the hippest chick in town....she loves scooting along on the boulevard....Modern Sugar Blvd. that is...bwahahahahahahaha!!!! Precious hippie chick is her name and being groovy is her game!!!
She will be available on the 30th of May....so scoot over there and lay some bread down and take her to your pad. You dont want to miss the scene, man!!! I know, I'm way too silly...Bwahahahahahaha!!!!
Deets on card: Very very simple layout.... had this paper that reminded me of a 60's print and the foot paper clip was found in the office supplies at Wally world. The sentiment is a stamp that I got from Hobby Lobby and some brads were added and Cool.....you're done!!! The scooter is one of the new images too but I'm not sure of the release date yet, sorry!!!
Until later, Chicks.....Gotta split......TFL !!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey Kiddies...

A few of you have been asking where I find some of my coloring pages.... well, here's the 411. I just searched 'coloring pages' and it came up with boo coos of them... I've listed one here for ya...coloring pages. But thats really all there is to it....I just right click to 'save picture as' and then using my program called Printmaster can resize it any way I want. Go have fun and I will be back tomorrow with some previews of some new images happening over at the Modern Sugar Blvd.

Easy peasy, mac and cheesy, or lemon squeezy!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha
Until later, Kiddos........ Gotta split....TFL !

Say hey to Uncle Sam!!!

I should have posted this on Monday, but I had other things on my list to do..... bwahahahahaha!!
But here he is in all his glory, the good 'ol red, white and blue... he kinda makes me hungry when I look at 'em. Doesnt he kinda remind you of the colonel...Colonel Sanders, you know....from KFC. I made this one for the sketch challenge on Stamp Something blog. It was a very simple sketch, I found this image online as a coloring page. The sentiment was created on the computer, can't remember the names of the fonts. You just gotta love the internet!!!
My daddy was in WWII...and I tear up whenever I see the services for all the military on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, oh and lets not forget the 4th of July. My daddy never told me any stories growing up regarding the war, he said that it wasnt for ladies to hear. My oldest brother finally told me a few not to many years ago, wheeewww. I just had to know more, so I wrote the army a letter asking for any info and the answer was that the building that held all the files had burned and there was very little info available.... wow was that a kick in the gut. I wanted to know at least where he went, stationed, what battles he fought in, etc..... They (army) did send me a ceritified copy of his honorable discharge. his tombstone reflects his rank and I was told he fought in the battle of Normandy. But that is all I know, and probably will ever know. Maybe what I don't know is like my daddy always told me, "Its not for ladies to hear."
Hope you all enjoy a look into my inquisitive nature.... Jeff says I ask too many questions and I'm nosy!!! But my momma always said that there are no dumb questions, just dumb answers!!!
Until later, patriots.....Gotta split......TFL !!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School's out for summer.....

First off let me say that I'm sorry I didnt get back here to post a card yesterday... I was super busy, had to take Jeff to the airport, go to jewelry store to get my rings checked, pick up Harlee from a friends house... whewwww!!! I thought I would have more free time since school was finally over for the year...bwahahahahahaha .....NOT !!!!

Anyhooo.... since I was talking about school I thought this was an appropriate card to show you today. This was a freebie from Victoria Case. I think his name is Willy. Willy the worm, he's very dashing in his glasses, don't ya think? I had this paper from my school stash and thought that is just what he needed. The ribbon is some felt ribbon that was a gift from my niece, Bonnie. I need to be making a wedding card, Bonnie is getting married in 2 week and I still have to make them something and a card to go along with it. Maybe I will work on that later today. Hopefully I can get married soon, my divorce is final after 3-1/2 yrs of trying to get the judge to pound his gavel. Jeff and I will get married this summer I suppose. We'll probably go to the county JP and then just have a huge party later.... But until then, I will enjoy my nieces wedding and wish them all the best in the world. They both are great people and deserve nothing but the best....

Until later, Teach ('cause I learn from all of you daily)...Gotta split....TFL !!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Party pics!!!

Here's a few pics from Harlee's birthday party... ENJOY!!!
I'll be back later to post a creation of some kind....well, there is one thing on here that I created. No, not Harlee...bwahahahaha. But I did have a hand in that one!!!!

This cupcake cake is my creation. I iced them and then dipped them in colored sugar and then I added the red icing lines to make it look like a flower. Turned out pretty cute!!!!

Here's the birthday girl.....can you tell how excited she is???? LOL Look at those green irish eyes, would ya!!!!!

This is a pic of a few of the girls eating and enjoying themselves. I really think they are ready to dive into the cupcakes. OK, girls......Ready.... Set......GO !!!!!!

This pic needs little explaining. The whole time we were planning this party, Jeff kept telling Harlee that we were not having a party. We were going to celebrate the way he and his siblings did growing up. They got a cake with butter on it and a pair of socks and that was it. He packaged this up for her as his present from us....bwahahahahaha. We really gave her a tent, clothes, and a paper recycled craft kit. Oh, and of course the party!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little visit into how I spent my weekend.
Until later.....Cupcakes......Gotta split.....TFL !!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't 'moose' the fun....

Yes, we have a challenge going on at Whimsy Stamps Challenge blog and you dont want to 'moose' the fun. Its a summer time challenge. You can use any stamp image you want, just have a summer twist to it. My Whimsy moose is having a great time and being safe as well. He never goes swimming without his floatie. Bwahahahahahahahah!!! I hand drew the floatie to fit around the waist and the beach ball and water splash was drawn too. I was going to try to put floaties around his antlers, but after thinking that one thru I realized the water would be over his head before the floaties would help him....bwahahahahahaha. So swim on over and give the challenge a shot.
Until later, mermaids....Gotta split....TFL!!!

FYI: Scroll down to see the other challenge that is happening today too!!!!
You really don't want to 'moose' it either!!!!

Baby we got a challenge.......

Its from Squigglefly.....(<----check 'em out) this weeks challenge is a color challenge.... The colors are bordering blue, chocolate chip and pretty in pink. Usually when I get the colors together I get a feel as to what the theme the finished product is going to be. They looked like baby colors to me, so thats the great squigglefly image I chose. Actually this image is from a whole sheet of images you get on one purchase (baby theme). I found some awesome dsp that matched and had little kids on it already, so I placed my image all around the paper until I found a spot that would fit like the child is watching her baby sister. Turned out to fit perfect. I colored the image using my color pencil technique and cut it out. Then when I put it all together I noticed something odd. I had printed it out on white paper and it looked totally off against the antiquey background... so I found a chalk color that kinda looked like a vanilla/buff color to match the dsp background and chalked around my entire image. It worked!!!! Stamped the "family" in the corner. Now the card was finished....

Side note: Harlee's party was a success, and we had a blast. Coney dogs, chips, chicken salad sandwiches, {Corona...ooopps did I say that outloud...bwahahahahahahah},cake and icecream....I'm still stuffed. I'll post pics soon.

Until later, babes......Gotta split....TFL !!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

You're a pistol...

Didnt have any real challenge or occasion to make this card....just thought it was a cute image. I found it online as a coloring book page. Gotta love the internet, huh??? Colored him using my color pencils, OMS, and stump. This card could be a great fathers day card, birthday card, etc....with such a generic sentiment. But I think definately 'manly'....bwahahahahahaha. The sentiment is computer generated and the font is 'saloon'. I printed him once and printed his head again to paper toile it for more dimension.

Gearing up for Harlee's b'day party today.... had to wait until Jeff could be home and softball season to end. She picked to have hawaiian decorations for her party.... so I guess thats what its gonna be...bwahahahahaha. Hope it doesnt rain all day and the kids can go out back and have a limbo contest. I have leis for everyone to wear....I'll take loads of pictures and post some later.
Until later, saloon girls......Gotta split......TFL !

Saturday, May 23, 2009

No you arent having DEJA VU...

This is the real date that I was supposed to give you the whole card experience... LOL Again... this image is from Modern Sugar Blvd. Go check it out.... they have lots of 'sweet' stuff!!!!!

Here's a bonus for ya!!!
I cut out this plaque and painted it for a birthday party today. Its for a sweet little boy named Britton. His parents are friends of ours....and we want to wish him a very Happy Birthday!!!! Hope the rain holds out, its a pool par-tey....
I forgot how it felt to paint...I havent picked up my brushes in forever it feels like. I love the feel of the paint on the brush when I'm painting....even if I'm just painting a room...I know; I'm weird!!! Bwahahahahaha. I will have to start throwing in some painting as well as my card making, what ya think??? Would you like to see some occasional paint creations thrown in???
Until later, Cupcakes...... Gotta split....TFL !!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Boot scootin' boogie......

Isn't this just the cutest image...this is one of the freebies I got from Viva Las Vegastamps. I just had to have this little cowgirl... she's boot scootin' booging all over the place. I wouldnt want to get in the way of her, she might hit you with one of her........................................................spurs. Thought I was going to say something else didn't you...bwahahahahahaha !!!!! You should boogie on over to Viva Las Vegastamps too, they have the coolest stamps. A lot of celebrity images, yes and some Elvis ones too. That is one store that I would plan a trip around just so I could visit it. While you're there checking out the great stamps, take a look-see at the pics posted of the store itself...all I can say about the pics is WOW... You'll think you hit the jackpot.....LOL
Ok, back to the card, pretty basic LO, chocolate chip cs, dsp, a torn page out of an old dictionary I have laying around, twine, gold glitter (bling on her belt), chocolate chip ink pad (for distressing), giggle dots and the Howdy is from a SU stamp set called "A Little Somethin' ".
Until later, Calamity Janes......Gotta split....TFL !!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

HB....crafty lady!!!!!

Love this image from Modern Sugar Blvd. It kinda reminds me of ....well, ME !!!! Well, sorta, I really don't have an outfit like she's wearing....LOL. This was actually made for 2 challenges, yep count 'em two... The first one is a "sweet" challenge on MSB (<---- click there to see the deets) and the second one is a guest designer call on InStyle Stamps (again <---- click to see the deets)... I'm just sending you on a journey thru cyber space, huh??? But, believe me, its worth the trip..... But first, let me clue you in on a few details about my card...
This is the first large card I have made to fit into a business size envelope (#10), kinda reminds me of the studio style cards.... they were a little risque...teehee. Are they even still around??? I'm sure somebody still carries them. I love a digi, I printed out this beauty large enough to cover a large part of the card, her being long and lean helped. I added a strip of torn gingham fabric using staples after tying a knot first. Punched out some flowers with a MS punch and added a few giggle dots. Then I made the sentiment using the computer and waalllaaaa. You have a #10 sized card to fit in your #10 sized envelope.
Until later, crafty ladies...... Gotta split....TFL !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sorry everyone.....

The cupcake image below wont be out for a few day..... a little mix up on date, my fault, but for your viewing pleasure .....Ta Da!!!!!!

This is the card that I made for the challenge that GDP is holding on his blog for some awesome blog candy.... GDP, thats my acronym for the Great Dustin Pike...bwahahahaha, don't ya think it fits....? Race on over and check out the dealio and enter to win and its an awesome way to brighten the day/moment for a very special child. I made this one for a special little boy named Ben... his fav color is red and I thought he would love this truck. Heck, I love this truck!!! So, what ya waiting on put the metal to the petal, shift it into overdrive, burn some rubber, sling some dirt, however you get there...GET THERE!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

Until later, seatcovers (remember the CB lingo)....... Gotta split.....TFL !!!BLOG SIG

More sugar for ya sweet tooth!!!

Its a new challenge going on at the Blvd., Modern Sugar Blvd. blog that is..... The colors are brown, pink and vanilla....sorta like Neopolitan icecream...bwahahahahaha. Well, I dont have any icecream for ya, but this sweet cupcake is just as sweet.... LOL Its one of the new images at MSB store. I have found a great fondness for digi's, you can make them any size ya want. They can be used for a whole party theme. Invitations, place cards, giftbags, decorations, heck you could even print out some to dress up a tablecloth...what fun!!!!! So now that you have a good sugar rush going from all this sweetness here...rush on over to MSB and check out all the sweeties over there. Let's see what you can come up with!!!!

Until later, sweeties....Gotta split.....TFL!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Check out the new girlies.....

There's new releases today over at Modern Sugar Blvd. These two cuties are the bomb. The first one (red headed) reminds me of my oldest grand daughter, Lyric. Lyric has hair just like that...too cute!!! The second one is not me...bwahahahaha, I talk on the cell phone, but not that much; and I don't text. I'm more of a person to person kinda gal. I'm a people watcher. I check out people where ever I am. Good, bad or indifferent...I love people!! Sometimes thats not a good thing though, I get vibes off of people (that kinda makes me sound like a nut...bwahahahahaha). No, I'm not a psychic or anything like that...I like to think that I'm just very in tune to others' emotions!!!! I want to share their joy, mend a hurt, fix a problem, whatever it may be. I just LOVE people!!!!
Until later, people (love ya)....Gotta split....TFL !!!
Scroll down to see my first challenge card for my new DT....Squigglefly!!!!!

I "DIG" it!!!

This is my first card made from an image from Squigglefly... I was accepted to join their new design team.... Yippee!!!! I think I'm gonna change the I "dig" gardening to I "dig" It !!! Whatcha think??? Isnt that just the cutest image you have ever seen?? They have loads to choose from, click on the link above to check 'em out!!!
While you are out there in the WWW; you need to check out the Squigglefly blog for a chance to win some blog candy, all ya have to do is follow the recipe to make a card like the one I made, NO, not exactly like mine...silly, bwahahahaha!!!
You have to use 1 squigglefly image, 2 designer series papers, 3 embellishments, (see the pattern?? ) and don't forget 1 large alpha (gotcha on that last one, huh?) you can choose chipboard, sticker, draw it, how every you chose to show off that letter. There are lots of great examples on the blog of the other DT members interpretation of the recipe.... I used my color pencil technique to color in the image.... See the blue spots on the back DSP, they were a light blue, I even colored them in so they would coordinate well with the image. You gotta do, what ya gotta do right??? Bwahahahahahaha!!! To color my images; I layer my colors to make them more vibrant. Its very easy to do, lay down a base color, remembering to leave white spots/bare spots for highlights, and then I layer a second/darker color for shade and shadow. You just have to remember where your light source is going to be coming from. Hope this helps ya just a little.
I want to thank all the sweet and wonderful ladies that have welcomed me with open arms and hearts at Squigglefly....great bunch of ladies.....
Until later, daisies.....Gotta split....TFL !!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy "BIRD" day!!!

This is one of the freebie images I got from Hambo Stamps... isnt it the cutest??? I made this card for a special person's birthday... It will be mailed out soon. These fellows are all dolled up and ready to rock. Bwahahahahaha.....if ya look real close they look a little confused. Maybe their not sure who's birthday it really is. Well, I guess they will find out soon enough. LOL
I colored them using color pencils, OMS, and a stump. Added some bling to their party hats and will send them on their way!!!
This is how I go about creating my cards....
First, I look at the image and decide whether I want it bright, muted, etc....
Second, after finding just the right paper, I take the paper and image to my coloring table, and color the image to match the paper.
Then, I will add the glitter, embossing powder, chalk the background, etc....depending...
Then I will proceed to cut and layer the card together. Add bling, ribbon, or whatever strikes my fancy at the time.
I rarely color my images first...but I have on occasion and gotten lucky enough to find papers to match. But I'd rather be safe than sorry and color after finding the right paper.
Hope this may help you, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.... I will answer them to the best of my knowledge... I consider myself a "Jill of all trades, Master of none!!" Until later, Birdies.....Gotta split.....TFL !

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just monkeying around....

'Doling' out the information.....that monkey is going 'ape' over his computer. He must be chatting with Tarzan about 'swinging' by for a visit........ bwahahahahahahaha! Ok, enough with the monkey jokes...but its too fun!!! This was a freebie image from guess who????, yeah I thought you might already have guessed....the Great Dustin Pike...GDP for short. He is amazingly talented. Hope you are reading this GDP, because you are the 'top banana'. LOL
On another tangent.....ball season is over and I'm really going to miss it. It was the best season ever. Not only that... I made a bunch more new friends.... being the Team Mom/asst Coach, I was presented with a gift card from the parents....I was so not expecting it. You'll never guess where the gift card is from....nope, nada, nix, nil, niet, give up....LOL.....its from HOBBY LOBBY..... I can't wait to go spend it.
Ok, back to the card...if you havent already checked out GDP's stuff, you really need to. And the freebies, good googly moogly...... he's so awesome...!!! So, 'swing' by there and 'monkey' around his site a little and see what you will go 'ape' over...sorry couldnt help myself....
Until later, ape-ettes.....Gotta split (like a banana)....TFL!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A little birdie told me.....

...there's new digi's over at Modern Sugar Blvd. This little birdie is too adorable. I printed him out three times to paper toile him and then his head. He jumps right off the card. I call it a him because, after all, he is BLUE!!! Bwahahahahaha! But you can color him any color you like. Of course I used my color pencils, OMS and stump to color him. The large ring is a brad embellie, I also used ribbon, dsp, card stock and large oval and oval scallop punches from SU. He's too cute to be sitting on any 'ol tree, don't ya think... so the little birdie told me to tell you to fly on over to MSB. He would love to fly home with you.
Until later chickadees....Gotta split.....TFL !!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Live it UP!!!!

That would be my 'mantra' for the summer if I were teacher year 'round. I would go out an have a blast and not think about school at all. The pencil and eraser in this image are racing off to do just that. This is another image I found online as a coloring page for children. These type of images make great digi's because they are rather large, so sizing them down doesnt distort the image as much as trying to size it up would. This card will be going to Harlee's teacher on the last day of school... Ok, I'm will finally finished with all my coach duties as of this saturday, our last game is at 4:30....woohoo!!! I love the season to begin, but then I look forward to it ending as well. Like they say "All good things must come to an end..." bwahahahahaha!!!! Then maybe I can get back into my studio to create more sch...tuff. I need to make a stock of cards up so when I go on vacation I will have them lined up and ready to post on my computer. I will take it with me so I can post everyday as usual. Not sure when vacation will start, but soon hopefully. Will be heading out to California, Jeff is working out there and our vacations are planned around where he is working at the time. Makes it very interesting getting to see different areas of the country, never get bored of the same place; thats for sure. But, he always makes sure that the hotel we're staying in has a pool for Harlee. I take a few books to read and lay by the pool. By the time we leave, everyone knows us at the hotel....our stay is normally a couple of weeks. We'll have a blast....so you... LIVE IT UP!!!!!
Until later buddies.....Gotta split....TFL !!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awwwww...how sweet!!!

I received this from a MSB friend of mine and fellow DT member....Tenia!!! Thanks girl, I love to see people smile.... I try to make at least one person smile each day, it makes me feel like I've made their day even the slightest bit better...
Thanks again Tenia...
Ok, now I want to extend my gratitude by giving this to four special people that when I read their blogs, they make me giggle or even bwahahahahahaha out loud....

Holly (Hog wild about stamping)
Stef (Glitterbabe Greetings)
Lynn (Stamperosity)
Boni (Bonibleaux Designs)

Enjoy girls and keep on keeping on!!!!!

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...

...maybe it isn't the end of the tunnel and its just a train.... bwahahahahahahaha!!! That's what I feel like right now, a train has hit me. Have had SO much to do for the end of ball season. We are having girls banquet this friday and I have made so far the 12 slide show videos, made sleeves for the cd's to fit into, printed 40 pictures for the coach's albums, 2 awards printed, now 10 more to go.... wheewwww!!!! I know I'm not the only one to over extend myself, am I??? I do it all the time. I guess its because I love to be involved in everything, and I do mean everything. Jeff thinks that I just like to try and control the situations, well, he's probably right....bwahahahahahaha. Hopefully I can finish all this up later today, I'm so missing making cards....something that I just want to have fun doing, don't get me wrong I have had fun making all these things. But, I wish it had've been spread out for a few more days. Oh well, I'm almost finished now and things will get back to normal, well as close to normal as is can be around here.... Until later playas........Gotta split.....TFL !!!!