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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't forget.....!!!!!! G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y

Click on the link above to enter...... will draw tomorrow around 5:00 pm. 

Until later, winners!!!!!

The stockings were hung.......

Notice that Booboo and Looloo already have stuff in theirs.  LOL Yes, they get goodies too. We usually get them a new toy, chewies and treats.
Since adding Looloo to our cast of characters; I had to make new stockings.  I made the previous ones years ago and finding that particular fabric would have been impossible.  It was just easier making new ones.  I used an old tablecloth that my sister gave me cause she knows I sew frequently and could possibly use it. It didn't fit any table we had here anyway. Had some remnants of christmas fabrics for the band and made a ruffle with some matching green on top of the band.  Besides it was the perfect opportunity to try using the heat transfer vinyl for the wording. 
I purchased my vinyl HERE.  It doesnt come with instructions, but I found a very useful instructional tutorial on Expressionsvinyl.com.  It was easier that I had imagined. Its different than the vinyl for walls.  You have to reverse the wording before cutting, but thats really just a push of the button....on the Expression or Gypsy.  I used the Storybook cartridge via my Gypsy.  I {heart} using the gypsy.  It makes sizing the items soooo much easier, just like Design Studio.  I knew I had a limited space to use and I made each name to fit the designated area. Oh, another note: when using any of the vinyl products you don't have to weld the pieces together. Which saves a step.....well, unless you really want to. 

I have the Design Studio also, but my laptop is upstairs in my office and my studio is downstairs. I didn't want my "trip" down the stairs to turn into a real TRIP.....Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! 

Until later, santa helpers......Gotta split......TFL!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is the reason I have been MIA..!!!!

My other half was finally able to come home. 
Here he is bonding with Looloo.  We've had Looloo for about 1-1/2 months now, and Jeff just got to spend the last few days with her and he has fallen in love with her already. So, I guess she's a keeper.
Jeff is usually home once a month.  On a rare occasion the job is in a time crunch and he has to stay until they can get a break.  So, he heads back to Califonia in the a.m. and we will miss him until he returns.....which he thinks it will be in 2 weeks. 
So, later today I will venture down into my studio to play and see what I can come up with. 

Until later, My blogging friends.......Gotta split........TFL!!!!!!!!Photobucket

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daddy....oh daddy!!!!!!

Now this is what I call a challenge to die for...  Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
I {heart} Freddie Krueger!!!!
He has a very non-chalant way about him.....he just kinda strolls in and out of your nightmares/dreams.
This is a Simple Betty Image that I thought would work.  The 'darling' little girl didn't have sharp fingernails when I got her, but they just came out of the end of my fine sharpie. I colored her with Bic Markers. Added some tule, ribbon and some primas and voila!!!!!  Like magic she looks like Freddie's demon seed.  I haven't made an easel card in a while.  I forget how easy they really are.  You want to join in the nightmarish fun......stroll on over to Haunted Design House and check out the other freaky Freddie creations!!!!

Until later, dreamers......Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free stamp set!!!!!!!

Some of you commented that you wanted this stamp set below.
  You can see the card I made using it HERE.

Well, here's the dealio!!!!  I found another one; and I'm sure it won't be around next year.  So if you comment on this post (leave a way for me to contact you) you will be in the running to receive this stamp set.  I will put all your names in a hat and let Harlee pick the winner on December 1st.  You can post it on your blog if you wish.

Until later, You're all winners......Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kenny K.....rocks!!!!

It's a Design Team Call......check the deets out HERE!!!
I so hope I get picked for the new DT!!!!!

INSIDE: between softball and baseball is when you get hit by the ball
it leaves a BIGGER mark !

These are two of my Kenny K cards.  Doesn't his images ROCK!!! 
I have always liked cartoony images over any others. 
I had to have the softball image as soon as I saw it.  Growing up in the south we all played softball. Heck, I didn't quit playing until I was almost 40 yrs old.  After wearing more ace bandages than uniform, I decided it was time to call it quits. In all reality; its way too hard to compete with the 18 yrs. old young'ens.  Oh well; it was a nice run and I had a blast.  I lived vicariously thru my daughter a few years ago and helped coach her softball team.... wheewwwww that was an experience.  Pre-teen, pre-pms girls isn't something I was looking forward to.    Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
But we had fun and I met some great girls.
The Holla back girl image reminds me us when we were kids.  Sitting at the corner store and saying Hi to everyone and making fun of the boys.... Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Wish me luck !!!

Until later, Softball playing holla back girls.....Gotta split....TFL!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Sepia!!!

I love this card.  I'm gonna have to try this more often.  So many times I color and color and color and the image sort of gets lost.  You know what they say....."Less is more".  This image is a beautiful image and it had a lot going on already....why smoots it up with too much color? 
This is a Nana Vic original.....you can get it HERE.
This was made for the Glitterbabe Challenge blog....HERE.

Until later, Sweeties........Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our daily bread.....

Cricut Cardz Challenge has a great color challenge this week. 
Brown, blue, yellow, orange and white only....and it has to be a Thanksgiving card also.
As with most families....we say a prayer before our Thanksgiving dinner. So as I was deciding on the image to put on this card I was looking for something different, not the usual turkey, pilgrim, etc....
The prayer kept popping into my head and then I saw the bread image on the From the Kitchen cartridge and I knew thats what I was going to do......  The "bread" wording is also from the cart.  Got to have butter for our bread too....I cut  snip of yellow paper and pop dotted it and used crystal effects to give it that glossy melty butter look....yummmmmy!!!

So, count your blessings and make your way over to play with us!!!!

Until later, Bread lovers......Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ice...Ice.... baby !

Ice...Ice....Bucket, baby!!!!!
I love to find a bargain and this one is a true bargain.  I was lurking in the halloween clearance at Hobby Lobby and saw this bucket.  From this side showing I was curious as to why there was a hook on it.  I opened it and saw the scoop....  Ahhhhhhh an insulated ice bucket.  The regular price was 19.99.  But the clearance was for 75% off. So I grabbed this treat for $5 and some change (tax).

The scoop that was inside.
The image was on both sides of the bucket.

I wanted to use it not just for halloween so you will see what I did.  I first measured the image on the bucket and then cut out a filigree looking cut from the Reminisce Accents cart w/ the shadow to cover any of the existing image.  The wording is from Cheerful Seasons cart.  Both of these carts are exclusives from Creative Memories.  You can purchase them from my niece HERE.

So, of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to doll it up some more. I made a flower using the sizzix die in the pic with some printed vellum and black cardstock. Inserted a brad in the middle and stuck it on. I covered both sides with the cricut cuts, but only the side without the hook got the flower.

Until later, Not-so icy friends.........Gotta split......TFL!!!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy birthday to a sweet girl.....

No challenges....just a simple card I made for a friend of my daughter's.  Her friend is having a party this Sunday.  I enbossed half of the card base with a Tim Holtz embossing folder (called Gridlock), added layers of cardstock and DSP. The butterfly punch is from SU!.  Added some scrunched up seam binding and the wording is from a clear stamp set.  A lot of distressing later and some pearls and we have a finished card.  Ohhh, can't forget the money I have to put inside....Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Until later, flutterbys.......Gotta split.......TFL!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blingy Blessings...

Glitterbabe's challenge for this week is a color challnge.  Red, orange, and green.  I covered the orange and green pretty good.....but there is some red on there.  A added glitter to the cornucopia for the bling!!!  This image is from Joni @ Inktegrity. She's amazing isn't she???  I {heart} Joni!!!!
Count your blessings and join in the fun!!!

Until later, my cornucopia of friends....Gotta split.....TFL!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's hip to be.........

NOT square!!!!!
The Huey Lewis song kept running through my head the whole time I was making this card.
There's a challenge I recently found here ---> Kenny K's Kraft Girlz.  I {heart} Kenny K's work.  It so fresh and funky.  My daughter would cringe if she heard me say that......bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
This image in particular reminds me of my fresh and funky daughter, Harlee. See the pic below. She's only 11 and already starting to find her style. Other kids her age are still wearing jeans and t-shirts; but Harlee likes to find an edge to her clothes. She still wears her t-shirt and jeans, but with style!!!!!
This was her first day of 6th grade....I'm a little partial, but isn't she a cutie!!!!! 
So, don't be square and get your bahookie over to the challenge and have some fun!!!

Until later, Squares.....Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Love at first ....BITE!!!

Haunted Design House challenge for this week is Butchered Blueprint!!!!
It's a sketch challenge....the sketch you have to butcher follow is below. You can twist, mutilate, turn, torture, but keep it recognizable.

How do you like my rendition of the sketch.  I found the clear stamps at Joann's in the halloween clearance and I {heart} them.  Used my drippy goo punch and embossed the layer with an animal print folder. But I thought it looked like puddles of blood.  The wording was created using my Dyno label maker.  Added some scrunched seam binding and Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Until later, Tasty morsels......Gotta bite split......TFL!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Check out these cuties!!!
Kenny K wants you to name these beauties...
Here's what he's looing for: We'll be looking for cool and playful names that go with the series fast women/biker chick/racing/cowgirl themes, like what we did with Gothik Angelz. 
Learn more about entering HERE!!!!
My names are:
A - Pitstop Patti
B - Tattoo Trina
C - Shady Sadie
D - Kitty Gunsmoke-
E - Racy Renee
F - Betty Bootz
G - Krystal Pistol
H - Donna Demure
I - Glam Pam
J - Latina Lena
K - Cassidy Hop-a-long
L - Lambada Lolita

It was a lot of fun coming up with these names ...hope you join in the fun too!!!

Until later, Glams......Gotta split......TFL!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Lights!!!!!

He may not be seeing any lights today, but one day he will!!!!

Isn't he the cutest image you have ever seen.  He was drawn by a friend of mine that has now opened up a store of "dude" images. Really, we do lack in "dude" cards more than any others, right???  Don't sweat it, she has some frou-frou stuff too. But I'm diggin' the dude stuff!!!
Check out her lineup here------->>>>Bonibleau Designs!!!!!
There is also a new blog called Dudetime Doodles and it will feature a lot of her designs; as well as others......
Colored him with color pencils, OMS, and blended with a stump.
Here is 2 videos I made showing how to color.  It had to be 2 videos, because I couldn't get everything into one.  I tried, but I didn't want you to miss anything.

In the video I mention that I'm not a trained artist.  But I watch and learn others to perfect my art.  I worked at Six Flags over Georgia when I was 16 doing pastel portraits and learned a lot by watching the other artists.  I guess most of my talent I was born with.  That's what most people say, anyway!!!!LOL

Any questions????  Please leave them in the comments sections and also include a way for me to contact you so I can respond.
Until later, Dudettes.....Gotta split......TFL!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Badddddd post!!!!!

I made a huge Boo boo!!!!!!
I was contacted by one of the artists that is a contributor to the Edupic website and told me it was illegal to download any of the images from there to use for digi's...  I found the site while looking for FREE images on the net.

Don't want any of you to get into trouble because of me......Sorry !!!!!

Please don't use the images on there !!!!


...this is how!!!!
With lots of bling as usual!!!!
They don't call her Glitterbabe for nothing!!!  When entering Glitterbabe's challenge you gotta have the bling and this little indian princess knows how to do it.  She's one of Pattie's Creations digi.  Isn't she too dang cute!!! She'll be the only blinged out squaw at the wigwam and the indian boys will come running.

I used a two-sided paper for the card itself and some layering.  I had some leaves from an old bouquet of flowers that I used for a thanksgiving decoration and pulled them off of the stem.  The leaves reminded me of feathers, so I cut apart one of the leaves to make more feathers. She was colored using color pencils, OMS, and blended with a stump. That is my fave way to color images, even though I'm venturing out into the world of markers....little by little.

Until later, squaws....Gotta split.......TFL!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


No...it isn't a snake its SSSexy SSSSanta!!!!!! He's from the Joys of the Season cart and I love the retro feel of him.  Only a few cuts and some embossing and inking and you have a sexy santa.  I say sexy because I have a thing for facial hair on men....it could be just a mustache, beard, goatee....etc..... Don't know what it is, but I love it.  My hubs currently has a mustache, he has never had a beard. But he has grown out his mustache to a fu manchu stashe before.  Ok, back to the card.....Bwahahahahahaha!!!
The challenge this week at Cricut Cardz Challenge is "SSSSSSSSS" with a christmas theme.  You can use any image you want as long as it starts with an "S".  I was going to do a Scottie dog cut from my Just Because Cards cart.  I got it out and laid it on my work table.  Then I started looking for papers and turned my back and the cartridge has disappeared. 
 I have looked for 2 days trying to find it.
ADDEMDUM TO THIS POST:  I have found my cart...Yippee!!!  It was hiding under my huge rolling cart that I take for scrapbooking night. It must have fallen off of the table next to it....Wheewwww!!! 
  I have the booklet and the overlay, but the cartridge is nowhere to be found.  I must have had it in my hand and layed it down and now I can't find it.  My studio is in my basement (just cleaned it) and no one ventures down there but me; ever!!!!  It will turn up in the most unlikely place, I'm sure.  Until then.........

Until later, SSSSSSweeties........Gotta search split.....TFL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Princess for a day......

Even if it is Princess Lollipop from Candyland.

This is what Harlee picked out this year for her costume. I let her pick out what she wants to be and then I start buying fabric, cutting, sewing, gluing, cussing....LOL well maybe not cussing. I actually love to make costumes....!!!!
You rarely notice things until they are pointed out to you.  I never really noticed a Princess Lollipop on the Candyland game board.....but there is one.  All games have characters, but rarely do we know their names.  Well, Harlee noticed and this is our rendition of Princess Lollipop!!!!!
The fabric was some I picked up from the clearance section at Wally world.  The knee highs are knee high hose. The wig was originally blonde (cheap halloween wig) we sprayed pink and purple. All the lollipops are paper and glued on or together with hot glue. Lots of glitter......!!!! Love my Expression!!!! I created the wording with it and glued it to the huge lollipop and Harlee came up with the idea to wrap it in plastic. The "wrapper" is a packaging from a paper pack. Lollipop stick is a louver from an old closet door I painted white and hot glued on.  The whole outfit cost around $10.
Check out my little actress........she really likes to get into character.

Until later, Princesses......Gotta split.......TFL!!!!!