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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Send in the clowns......

well at least this one anyway!!!!

I love dressing up....Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Can ya tell??? I usually choose very funny costumes,

my sister on the other hand chooses very sexy costumes.... and she will never, I mean, never wear full face makeup. This is her rendition of a sexy pirate....lol I kept calling her a Wench!!! Can ya believe she is 62 yrs old.....???? Don't tell her I told you that...bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

This is my niece Bonnie (old woman) and her hubby Mike (gay cowboy) ain't that a pair....bwahahahahahahahahaha. They were the hosts of this huge halloween bash.......it has become the annual event of the year..... Now what to wear next year.......hmmmmmmmm ???

This Barry (my sister's son-my nephew) and his wife Kathy...... sadistic surgeons on the loose.

What a group of silly people we are...this is the best shot we could get of the whole lot of us. There are a couple of gladiators, Amy Winehouse impersonators, fisherman, ball players, a Flasher, a little bit of everything..... Next year we may have to do an aerial shot just to get all of us in it........ any case we all had a blast....we karaoked, danced, ate, and joked the night away.....

Can't wait till next year!!!

Until later, Howling Halloweeeeeners........Gotta split.....TFL!!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last room (mural) completed......

This happens to be my favorite of all three rooms....this one was the most fun to do.

The room was purple to start with so I had to make it unisex as the boys didn't particularly like to hold their parties in a purple room.... The owner suggested a sports theme and I ran with it. The only solution I could think of and still maintain the purple was to have the sports players breaking through the wall..... I think it turned out pretty "suhweet"... I tried to make several photo opps in all of the room at various points.... Harlee is demonstrating that in the last pic.....
Tomorrow I will post me in my halloween costume and party pics from last saturday and a few treats that I have done lately.....
Until later, Sportsters.........Gotta split......TFL !!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long time ....NO SEE!!!!!!!

Been a very long time since I have had the time to sit down and visit with you guys!!!! Here's why.... I had the opportunity to design and paint several large mural pieces at a "Jump for Joey" facility. For those that aren't familiar with a J4J, its a large play house for kids.... Its loaded with large air filled slides and other things for kids to jump, slide, bounce on indoors. The one that I'm working on has 4 party rooms and I'm painting murals in 3 of the rooms. The first one was done by a different artist. I was lucky enough to become friends with the owner and she saw my work and loved it. Below you can see results of the first two rooms and I will start on the third room monday....
First room has a jungle theme..... Yeah I know you are saying kangaroos don't belong in the jungle....lol But that is the registered logo for J4J franchises. So I have to incorporate "Joey" into all the rooms.

This next room is a beach theme........

The next room will be a sports theme and I have a super cool idea for that one!!!!

Hopefully I can be back at least part-time on here and post a few cards, but until the mean time.... I miss all of you and "Stamp til ya cramp and Crop til ya drop"!!!!!

Until later, FRIENDS!!!! Gotta split..........TFL!!!!!!