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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You can complain....

because a rose bush has thorns...or you can rejoice because a thorn bush has roses.

Some sayings have so much meaning. I love the one above..... I find something to smile about everday. Life is so sweet......its hard not to smile. I tell my family when its my time to go I don't want the traditional crying and carrying on. I want them to celebrate my life, not my death. So, I told them to have a party....and tell all the good things that they remember about me. May be a short party....bwahahahahahahahaha!!! Don't worry, I plan on being here a very long time and I'm gonna go kicking and scratching all the way; I have way to much stuff to finish yet. LOL

OK, now to one of the things that I have finished.....the card.

I have used this stamp before, but I did it in yellows. I sewed on the ribbon to the bella rose dsp. Layered it all together and used my white gel pen to do the dippy dots.

Until later, Rosies...Gotta split......TFL !!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Manic monday......

....cause we have two challenges today!!! Strap on those challenge shoes and get to moving

First one is a MyGrafico challenge....and the theme is 4th of July. Mine is '4th of Grill-eye'...get it, 4 grills.....bwahahahahahahahaha. I know I'm too silly!!! I'm been invited to be on the MyGrafico DT and this is my first challenge for them as a DT member. Slide on over to their blog and check out all of the others creations..... its a parade of goodness....

This one is from Whimsy Stamps Challenge Blog, you need to use the colors...yellow, orange and red or variations of the three. This is one hot player. The sun is beaming down on him, but he's staying cool under pressure. Get out of the shade and give it a swing at making a home run with your creation...bwahahahahahahahaha.

Until later, Challengees......Gotta split.......TFL !!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

'Deer' me .....

...its never too late!!!!!!

I was supposed to post this yesterday....but it aint over till the 'ink dries' bwahahahahahahaha. There's a sketch challenge on Modern Sugar Blvd. My 'deer' DT and I have created some 'deer' cards for you to see. Aren't these deer just too darn sweet. They are also available on the MSB site to purchase. Well, one is anyway....I cloned him so I could have two for my card. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

So, 'deer' I say more....

Until later, Deeries.....Gotta split....TFL!!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Simple pleasures....

you can't beat 'em!!!!

I just love my morning coffee. Its one of my fav simple pleasures, there are a few others but I'll keep you guessing on what they are. Usually I'm perusing many, many blogs right along with you in the a.m. with a great big mug of 'leaded'. I like my coffee hot, strong and sweet; just like I like my man.....Bwhahahahahahaha. When I tell Jeff he's 'hot' he just rolls his eyes and says...{sarcastically} "Yeah, right; women are beating our door down to get to me" My response is, "Well as long as you only open the door for me" He is a very sweet man too, he always opens the door for me. Yes, car door too and he gets upset if I open it before he gets there. With him being gone so much I forget and then I shut it real quick so he can do it.....LOL. There's been a couple of times that he has forgotten, though. He said I looked like one of those Garfield dolls suctioned to the window when he looked back at me. Remember those silly things everyone had stuck to the window of their car. I was actually imitating the commercial where the woman is outside of the department store and she was saying "Open, open, open" with her face mushed up to the window. We are always giggin' each other.

Wow....I was just rambling and you were following me like a duckling behind a mama duck....bwahahahahahahaha.

Ok now to the main event.....the card!

I recently won these stamps from the D.R.S. Designs blog for submitting a tip. You can read the tip HERE (scroll down to bottom of post) !!! The card was very simple to put together, punches, color pencils, so forth and so on!!!!

If you ever have any questions on anything you see here, just ask!!! I really don't mind you asking just about anything you want, I may not answer anything and everything; but I'll sure give you some sort of response...bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

Until later, Hotties......Gotta split.....TFL !!!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Do you believe in magic.......

in a young girls heart....la la la . Remember that song by the Lovin' Spoonful. LOL Well, I was only 4 when it came out by them, but it was later re-done by David Cassidy and I remember him singing it.... But that isnt why you came here is it??? You came for the Magic card, of course. This was fun to make and its fun to play with too!!!!

Above is closed, but below will reveal the magic.

Did you see it? Look closely and I'll go slow this time. See, I have no 'cards' up my sleeve (just on my blog). Bwahahahahahahaha. Really theres no trick, just an optical illusion of sorts... Super easy to put together and the effect is awesome. I showed it to Harlee and it took her more than a minute to figure out how it worked.... If you want to be a magician just look at the 'trick details' here. An open line image works better and there are so many out there to choose from.

Grab your cape and top hat and pull this 'card' outta your hat for lots of ooohhhh and aaaahhhhhs.

Until later, Great Cardini's.....Gotta split.....TFS !!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hate to bug ya.......

Don't you get a little worried when someone asks you that??? Because usually they are bugging you....Bwahahahahahahahahaha. This bear seems to know how to handle the situation, if the spray doesn't he might sling that sleeping at 'em. I wonder if they make that in a kid formula...if they did mine would be immune to it, bwahahahahahah. Its seems the minute I go into my studio Harlee needs me for something. Kids...gotta love 'em. I recently got this set from Stampin' Up! and I love it. The bear has more accessories like a compass, a can of beans on a stick, and a raccoon friend. The tent image is a stamp from Viva Las Vegastamps. The stars are punched using a handheld punch. Hope your nights are mosquito free and bear friendly......
FYI: If anyone needs any Stampin' Up! supplies...I'm only a CLICK away!!!!
Until later, Campers......Gotta split..........TFL !!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Party dress!!!!

I would probably wear a dress like this one.....yeah pattern and color too. We have to dress up real swanky for Jeff's big company party every year. They fly all the employees into Texas and we stay at the Hilton in Dallas and have a blast. The night that they have the huge party is when we get to dress up...Yep, Harlee too. They have special parties for their particular age groups.
I would have to have heels to go with the dress though, the taller the better...Bwahahahahahahaha. Jeff is 6 feet tall and I'm only 5' 5" so last year I wore 4" heels with no problem. I never liked being taller than my guy even when I wear heels. Before I met Jeff, I dated quite a few guys and I would tell them that I wear heels a lot and I was really turned off if they were not taller than me. But, some guys have the Napolean complex and didnt realize their own height.... after a few times of meeting a few short guys, I met a man at a restaurant (never let them pick me up...a girl had to be careful..ya know) he was sitting down when I arrived and he stood up and I immediately saw how short he was. After he assured me that he was exactly 5' 10" several times on the phone. I called him out on it... Shallow??? maybe, but I was getting very tired of the crap by then. I told him, in a very nice way, that there was no way he was 5' 10" and he was standing there arguing with me....LOL Needless to say the date didnt go well....Bwahahahahahahaha. Now, I don't have to worry about anything like that. My sweetheart is the best ever!!!!!
Ok, now to the card........
This is a new image from Modern Sugar Blvd. It was just screaming for me to paper piece it. I used color pencils on the ruffle and the top part. The wording is also a new digi from MSB.... You can click over to see the other DT ("Sugars") stuff and then dance on over to MSB to grab you a few for playing with.
Until later, Dancing Queens.....Gotta split....TFL !!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A new artist......

No, it isnt me this time. Its my good friend Joni.....from Inktegrity by Joni. Isnt that a great title.... Her images have a real family feel to them. After all, isnt that what life is about...Family.
You can have all the riches in the world and every monetary thing that you desire, but w/o family, you really have nothing. Speaking of; my sister is going thru a very rough time right now and I'm gonna be there for her no matter what. Her husband is currently at home under hospice care and he is in the last phase. I'm praying for her to be strong, she's trying but we (the family) know better. My thoughts are with her daily..... Love ya Pam!!!!!
On a happier note....Joni had embarked into the digi world and by clicking on her link you can check out her designs and cruise on over snag you a few. This card was made using two images. I recently got this puzzle punch from CM and had to try it out. I love how this came together. The sentiment was computer generated, and sorry I don't remember the name of the font.
Until later....fellow Arteeests.....Gotta split....TFL !!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

USA...USA...USA !!!

Did ya hear me chanting....!!!!! I love the USA!!! We usually go to the big parade in town on the 4th and when I see all the military guys, I get all teary eyed as they go by. Yeah, I'm a little sappy.... I was always taught growing up that there is always someone worse off than you are. No pity parties allowed at our house.....LOL. I think about all the military families that have lost someone and/or miss their family members that are deployed.
Ok, now to the challenge....nothing like our guys/gals military challenges. This is a fun challenge. Squigglefly's challenge today is something called 'out of the box' technique. You see the arm of the cat and his flag. The surrounding area is the part of the image that I cut away to allow him to wave his flag 'out of the box'. This can be applied to so many images. Click HERE to see what the other squigglies (DT members) have done.

Whoa...don't leave yet, there another challenge you really need to see, so unsaddle that stick pony and take a look below.

This is a challenge at Whimsy Stamps Challenge blog....HERE. You have to follow a recipe of sorts. The recipe is; 2 DSP's, 1 ribbon, and 3 brad, buttons or flowers. Isn't this little wannbe knight adorable. He's on his trusty steed and ready to rescue the damsel in distress......or maybe he's just trying to stall bedtime.... Bwahahahahahaha!!!! Anyhoo....I think he will be victorious!!!!!

Until later, USA Damsels......Gotta split......TFL !!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This bud's for you.....

Had ya going there with that title, didnt I??? I'm sorry I can't remember where I got this freebie digi....but isnt he the cutest thing. I'm trying to work purple into my repertoire.... I've never been a big fan of purple (sorry.... Donny Osmond)....bwahahahahahaha. But I know a lot of people do and I'm trying real hard to work with it. I do love yellow and I know that purple goes very well with it. Funny, 'cause lavender was my momma fav color. No, we didnt have a lot of lavender things around the house, but she would always ohh and ahh at lavender stuff.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and been busy making beautiful things.....
Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dad's out there!!!
Until later, 'Bud'dies......Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Come, sit, relax!!!!

Gotta love a nice place to rest them 'ol bones...huh???? This kinda looks like our couch at home. I tried to make it look like tan leather. The couch we have is beautiful, but I can't sit on it for very long. The way the back cushions are it seriously makes my neck hurt and then I get a headache. Jeff just thinks I'm being silly, but it really does. For the longest time I couldnt figure out why I could go all day and not have a headache but after sitting on the couch for just a little while I would start feeling my neck tense up and it hit me....no not the couch.....bwahahahahahahaha. So I dont sit on the couch much, only to watch a little TV at night and I'm really laying instead of sitting. That way I dont get the weird neck position. I'm the only one if seems to bother. Oh well!!!!
Now to the card... This is a challenge at the Modern Sugar Blvd. A sketch challenge and you have to use a flower. The afghan isn't part of the sketch, thats just my artistic license taking over once again. I can never leave well enough alone. Bwahahahahahahaha. Now get off the couch and stroll on over to the Blvd. to see what the other "Sugars" have come up with. I'm sure there's lots of eye candy to behold. Shut the door on your way out.
FYI: several people have asked what movie Harlee and I went to yesterday... We saw "Drag me to Hell" Its kinda a grade B horror flick; which was OK. But I would wait till it comes out on DVD.
Until later, Seat Covers.....Gotta split........TFL !!!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Check this out!!!!

Remember my SU! tool card...its being featured on this site (scroll down to the masculine section).... No this isnt the one from SNR. But the one being featured in SNR newsletter is a manly card too...
I guess I have an extra boost of testosterone to be able to make manly stuff, huh??? Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Side note: the movie was OK, I would wait till it comes out on DVD. But, us girls, had a blast...shopping....eating....general girl talk !!!!

Until later, Girly gals.......Gotta split......TFL !!!!!!!!

I'm having a blast....

and I ain't 'LION' ...rawrrrrrrr!!!!
This is one of my images that is now on Squigglefly....I'm so excited!!! Be on the lookout for more images from me. This was a quickie card that I put together yesterday afternoon. Its hard to get much done now that school is out. Everytime I go down to the studio to work, here comes Harlee. She just has to get involved and by the time I do the lions share of getting her settled and supplied with everything, I'm done....bwahahahahahahahaha. I think she is getting a little cabin fever. We haven't been anywhere really since school has ended. I think we are going to go to the movies later today. There's a good scary movie out and I'm such a horror movie buff.

I will have to make another card later; 'cause I'm really not that happy with this one.

Until later, Lionesses......Gotta split......TFL !!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hand in the cookie jar............

pass the milk... bwahahahahahahaha!!! This little one bit off more than she could chew, ya think??? Bwahahahahahahaha She has a very circumspect look on her face, I bet she's hiding more cookies behind her back..... LOL

This is a Squigglefly image and I just had to have her. I thought she was perfect for the challenge this week. The challenge was to use pink, black, another color of your choice, 2 flowers and 2 brads. The cookies were made using several punches and glued together. When I colored her I had to make the evidence of her cookie snatching visible...LOL.

So, sneak on over to Squigglefly and enter the challenge for a chance at winning a free digi of your choice. You cut your chances down by half just by entering. Either you win or ya don't...teehee!!!! But you will never know unless you enter....so go, now!!!!!!

Until later, Cookies........Gotta split.......TFL !!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little FYI.........

Squigglefly has new images up...and guess what??? I have drawn some of the newbies.... Yep, little 'ol me!!! If you 'fetched' my freebie a while back, you'll be able to recognize mine right away. Let's just say, you're EYES will go right to them. Will be drawing more so be on the lookout!!!! Go HERE to see all the great new images!!!

Dress for success....

Isn't that what they say, dress for the job you want? Well, I guess this says that I want to dress pretty fancy for my next job, can you see me making cards all dolled up...bwahahahahahahahaha.... Not really sure about the gown aspect of dressing up, but I love to dress up. I have a blast doing it. After all, I am a GIRL and isnt that what we do???
This is an iris fold stamp from Stamp N Plus Scrap N, I'm part of the DT. This was way too much fun and its a great way to use up scraps too. First, I stamped the image on very vanilla cs and then cutout the dress and kept the piece that I cut out....it has all the lines stamped on it so I would know where to lay the folded paper strips. There are detailed directions on the SNPSN website HERE. There are tons more stamps besides this one for iris folding. Look closely and you can see a brown sparkly spatter. Thats the metallic powdered chalk that is for sell on the site too. I mixed it together with water (following directions) and put it in a small spray bottle, and spritzed away. Its best to try it on scrap first to see how far to hold it out to get just the right amount of spritz you desire. The iris folding went together way faster than I thought it would, and the effect is so wonderful. Wouldn't this make a great prom card???
Until later, Glamourous Glams...........Gotta split.............TFL !!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hanna....oh Hanna!!!!

Well, it is a Hanna guest DT call...... You can get the deets Here!!!

I had this really cool paper that fit her t-shirt perfectly for paper piecing, and because it is a clear stamp I could see just where to place the stamp. Her pants are paper pieced also. The ribbon is actually some elastic (Hobby Lobby) that has the wording printed on the whole lenght, I just cut off what I needed. I think this is a great card for that pre-teen/teen girl thats just too cool...bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! This particular stamp set would make perfect bookmarks also; the set comes with a lot of wording that you could stamp onto her t-shirt. Or you could add just about anything you wanted.

I love all the Hanna stamps...they are just too darn cute, and they are having a sale right now. There are a few stamp sets that are on the way out, so if you want 'em you better go get 'em.

Until later, Teenie boppers.............Gotta split........TFL!!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

A Whimsy thank you....

for a Whimsy Stamps Challenge on the WSC blog here. The challenge this week is to make a thank you card. This is what I came up with. The green background paper has those tropical leaves all over it, so I cut out two to use for the computer generated saying. That monkey cracks me up....I chalked some subtle clouds behind him using my cloud maker and powdered chalk from HERE. Swing on over there to join in the challenge and win a prize......its easy, like falling out of a tree.

Can't have enough thank you cards in your stash....the simpliest of things to do is send a card to someone. Yes, you can say thank you a dozen times; but when you send a card it just bumps it up a notch because you spent a little more effort and after all we are all 'visual' creatures....especially men....bwahahahahahaha!

I will send this card to JEFF (my sweetheart...he's out of town again working) for hanging in there for what seemed liked forever (3-1/2 years....arrrgghhh) for my divorce to become final. He is a SUPER dad to Harlee, I couldnt ask for anyone better. I met him about 3 yrs ago and he does nothing but spoil us two!!!!

Until later, Chimpettes.........Gotta split.........TFL !!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

No reason...

Just wanted to ink up this new image from Viva Las Vegastamps... I would make a special trip just to see this stamp store... It just looks like a fun place, and the stamps....if you haven't been to their website you really need to go there. They have stamps of every variety, theme, size, shape you name. So go check it out!!!!!

Well, last night I went to one of my nieces b'day parties and was drinking out of a fishbowl ....again.....bwahahahahahaha. My niece turned 40 so this was a big deal. We had the best time, too much to eat, maybe...just maybe a little too much to drink and I didnt get home unto 1:30 a.m. but I dont have a headache. I told them I wasn't going to be a mermaid and drink with the fishes all night.... bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Until later, fellow blogettes..............Gotta split..............TFL !!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome to my potting shed.....

Bwahahahahaha....no we arent going to work with plants, how's about digi's instead. Modern Sugar Blvd is having a new release and challenge... It was my turn to come up with the challenge, so I chose the infamous #10 size card....the kind that fits into a #10 business envelope. They are a little tricky, but here are the dimensions of the card base; I cut mine at 9-1/2" X 8" and score it at 4". Isnt this a great image....can be colored to match any paper you have. Its a brand new artist and her designs are wonderful. So uproot yourself and get on over to the Blvd. and check out how the other DT members tackled this suh-weet challenge. Oooppps, sorry about that, shovel....I forgot to put away my tools.
Until later, future gardeners......Gotta split..........TFL !!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stampin' Up! time!!!!!

After all, I am a SU! demo...... This is a great set that can be used in so many ways. Of course if makes great manly cards. Cant see it, but I put crystal effects on the screwdriver handle and the brads on the hand saw. But this make a great card for us ladies too. I do have all these tools and more that are mine.....not Jeff's; and I can handle them as well as any man. Bwahahahahahaha. I have quite a few power tools too. See this post. I have used them some in the last couple of weeks. See the card below....now wouldnt that make a cute Valentines card, or just a "love" note of sorts to send to you're fella, or bella...whichever the case. Bwahahahahaha!!
Gotta love Stampin' Up! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until later, Tool babes........Gotta split..............TFL !!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little birdie told me.....

that MyGrafico is having a challenge...... bwahahahahahaha!!!! This is the freebie image you can snag and make something cool to submit to the challenge. So, fly on over there and chirp for your freebie and get started...as soon as you get finished here, first!!!!! LOL
The image is only one bird, but I copied it and reduced it to make the smaller one. I cut the branch out of some handmade paper, it has sorta a bark-y look. Very simple layout and image was easy to color. You know how I love to color....I have to color something at least once a day; it makes me 'crazy happy' !!!!!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed the freebie yesterday. I love drawing and doodling while I'm watching TV at night, or while I'm pretending to watch TV...teehee. When Jeff is home he loves to watch the history channel and things of that nature. Me, not so much, but I have to admit some of the things are pretty interesting. But it has to catch my attention quick or it has lost me for the duration.
I have tons of doodles that need to be refined and brought to life, so we will see how well it goes.

Until later, Chickadees.............Gotta split............TFL !

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Artist!!!!!!

First let me tell you about my card. Isn't this just the sweetest face. How could you not love it!!!! Its a new digi and its a freebie, I'll let you know where to get it in a second. The wording is a clear sticker out of my stash and the little bone clip is from Wally World.

Ok, I've had you in suspence long enough.... you can get the digi image HERE. Its a brand new artist, and this is her debut into the digi world, so be nice to her and give her some love!!!!!

Here she is:
ITS ME!!!!!!!!!!
Hope I surprised y'all !!!!!!..... 'Cause I surprise/scare myself sometimes.....bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!
Enjoy the puppy digi and let me see what you did with him/her. I didn't alter it when I colored the one on my card, so you could see the original image as it is. I almost colored it to match Booboo (our baby), I might do that later. I have others that I am working on and hope to get them released soon...... YIPPEE!!!!
Until later, Surprisees.........Gotta split.....TFL !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tanks...I mean THANKS!!!!!!

I colored these images and they have been sitting on my desk and I thought I would go ahead and use them. Turned out to be a pretty cute manly card. Even if the man isn't in the military.... Very simple layout and the whole card probably took me less than 10 minutes to put together. I computer generated the sentiment. Used giggle dots on the corners.....DONE!!!!

Ok, I can't leave you with just this little bit I've posted here.

I do have some great news...... One of my cards was selected to be published in the SNR newsletter....I can't show you the card until its published, but I can show ya this. Bwahahahahahaha...I'm terrible, aren't I......!!!!!!!
As soon as I can I will post the card here.

Until later, Bloggerettes..........Gotta split.........TFL !!!