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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TCB.......taking care of business...........

I've been doing a lot of TCB lately. I wanted to get to see if I could cut down on some of our living expenses. Like satellite tv, car insurance, etc......Well, so far I've cut them by $300.....woohooo!!! I'm sure there are other cuts I can make, and we aren't doing without anything that we had previously. Also, got our taxes done jointly since we are now married and we are getting a GREAT refund this year. I think Jeff is still not believing it....maybe when he sees the actual money hit the bank he will......

Now to the card....... This image is from Stamp N Plus Scrap N. Hard to actually see the image after I colored it using the paint, chalks and glitter from SNPSN; but it's a cute pair of panties. The sentiment on the inside says ...and take care of BUSINESS!!!
Check out the haul I got from Hobby Lobby. I got 137 sheets of discountinued paper for 6 cents a sheet, a total of $8.22...........another wooooohooooo!!!! Who cares that it's discontinued, I'm sure when people look at my cards or scrapbooking pages they will never know the difference.
Jeff would say you're saving money inorder to just spend it on craft stuff...... My response would be "problem?" Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
Until later, BIG girl panty wearers.............Gotta split.....TFL !!!

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you should be a financial planner! great job and hints are welcome!!!!

what a super find at HL. my hubby says i go shopping just to SEE if i can spend money! what does he know - lol.

super cute card too!

hugs ♥