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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow again!!!!

Yep, we officially have snow in all 50 states. WOW.....unbelievable..!!!

This was the antics at our our yesterday. Harlee had a friend (they're such goobers)over and we made snowcream and I had a gingerbread kit left over from christmas, so they made a velentine's house.....LOL.... And of course they played in the snow. Hopefully tomorrow I can get into my studio to do some actual work....I'm feeling the itch, but maybe thats from the cabin fever creeping up on me already....bwahahahahahaha!!

Jeff asked me out on a date for Valentine's, but I don't think we will get to go because of the weather. He, or I should say, we have been trying to plan a romantic dinner and movie for months and something always comes up. The dating gods have not been nice to us. But like a good girl scout (which I never was one) I'm prepared.....I have T-bones in the freezer and all the fixin's in the cabinet for a very nice steak dinner. I'm sure he will grill them out in the snow......can't wait to take pics of that one....LOL

Until later, fellow snow bunnies..........Gotta split........TFL!!!


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coldwaters2 said...

Wow Crystal snow in all 50 states blimey I hope you enjoy it lol...love the house it looks quite delicious.

Lorraine x