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Monday, December 20, 2010


 My sister kept calling me and asking me where I was and when I would get there.  I'm usually early to help set everything up.  I kept telling her that I had to pick up something for the party....teehee! I surprised everyone at the party.  I picked Jeff up from the airport just a couple of hrs. before the party. He misses so many family gatherings and he is truly missed.

There's a family (inside) joke that I 'swipe' the numbers off my credit card on a regular basis.
So, at the family party they decided Jeff and I needed our picture taken with Santa with me holding a credit card.  It looks like Jeff is trying to take it away from me, huh???
Santa even thought it was funny. 
Too late, christmas shopping is done....Jeffy!!!!
The Santa is my great-nephew, yep my great nephew. He did a fab job. The kids at the party thought he was really Santa. Well, maybe not Harlee.....Bwahahahahahahaha!!!  But she appeased me and sat on his lap so I could take a picture.  See Sydney in the pic also.  That's one of my nieces dog.  All the dogs were dressed to be santa's helpers.....LOL.

We had a great time as usual at the family gathering..... I truly LOVE my family!!!!!
We never bicker, argue, bitch, etc..... But you do need a thick skin because everyone; and I mean everyone will get gigged at least once during the night. (Gigged: made fun of, getting poked fun at, etc.....)  But that's how we roll.  Lots of love, laughter and FUN!!!!

Until later, extended family.........Gotta split.......TFL!!!!!!

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Monique Barr said...

What a great party when people show up who we know can not make it. Have a bless Christmas