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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blast from the past.....

I'm still re-couping from a bad cold and laryngitis....its been two weeks now and I'm very tired of not being able to talk.  Oh well......I guess it could be worse.

I probably have shown this one a couple of times already. So bear with me.  I'm so very proud of my daddy.  Of course this was before any of us kids were a twinkle in his eye, but we are still soooo proud of him.

I'm currently on a mission to get reproductions of his medals that he received during his service.  We had a house fire when I was 8 yrs old and everything was lost, including his medals.  Its been a long drawn out process so far, but I'm determined. 
He was born and raised in the north Georgia mountains in a town called Talking Rock.  He lived in a cabin with a wood burning stove, no running water....you get the picture.  He was drafted into the army at 17 or 18 yrs of age.  Can you imagine this poor mountain boy getting on a large cruise ship and heading across the ocean to Normany, France. 
I recently found out this was the ship that transported his battalion overseas.  The AQUITANIA.

 He was in the 474th AAA Battalion.  Which means he was on the front line ground.  All those historical pictures you see of the unloading of the boats on the shores of Normandy, yep my daddy was among them.  I always look closely trying to get a glimpse of his face.
He was overseas for almost 5 years.  He once told us down to the second how long he was overseas and he thought he would never see home again.  When he was arriving home by boat (by way of New York) he saw the Statue of Liberty and he said he fell to his knees and cried. 

He met our mama on his way home from New York.  He was transferring trains in Atlanta and she saw him among the other service men and she told her sister, that is the man I'm going to marry and well, she did.
They settled in Atlanta and had 4 beautiful children, if I do say so myself....LOL
Of course, many beautiful grandkids, great grands and now great-greats and a few great-great-greats too!!!!
They are both gone now and we miss them dearly.
Now you see why this is my most favorite scrapbook page ever!!!!!!!

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Bonibleaux Designs said...

BEAUTIFUL memories and SUPERB page!! I have some of these type of pages myself and they are very near and dear to me. I just hope that they can see how much they mean to us still and how they have influenced our lives!