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Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just had to have this set from Hanna too.... have I told you how much I love her line of stamps.... Harlee is playing softball again this spring and I'm one of those parents that get way too involved. Don't worry, I'm not a stage Mom, as they say, I don't yell negative things at all - I'm always encouraging her and the other girls and giving them pointers.... after all its still just a game and it really doesnt matter to me if they win or lose, I just want her to put in 110% when she's out there.

Well, anyway, lets get back to the card.... I digress.... I purchased this set because I'm always making things for the girls on the team and this on fits the bill perfectly. {bill-hat...get it....I made a funny...bwahahahaha} There is a lot of things out there for little boys pertaining to ball but not for little girls. I will be making more things using this set, I just had to ink it up yesterday and make this quick card. I colored it using my watercolor pencils and blender pen, I love to color; it reminds me of when I was a kid and got that brand new box of crayon. Did you ever open the box to check and make sure the tips weren't broken off before you bought them. I remember one time, I'm not sure how old I was...Momma let me buy a new box and I 'checked' them and they were perfect, well somewhere along the way from the store to home; a few of the tips got broken. I dont mean just a little part of the tip the whole cone shaped part. I was so disappointed when I opened the box. Funny how you remember silly little things like that. Anyway, it took me a few days before I would actually color with those crayons. I'm a little OCD, ya think??? bwahahahahaha Wow, I have really dragged on ....until tomorrow......TFL

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Lynn Mercurio said...

I'm so glad to have moved on from crayons, but I still get fond memories every time I get a whiff of the smell from a new box of crayolas! HA.

You really "hit a home run" with this card, girl. It's fantastic, and a perfect image for any girl who loves the game!