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Friday, March 27, 2009

Funky chicken tutorial....

...no not the dance silly, although I do recall doing that dance in my younger days...shhhh, don't tell anyone....bwahahahaha. Actually, its a pic tutorial on coloring images using color pencils, odorless mineral spirits and a stump. This is my first tutorial of any kind, so bear with me.... You can click on any of the pics to enlarge them for better viewing.... Hope you learn a little sumpin' sumpin'...

This is the supplies I used: Koh-l-noor color pencils, Masterpiece odorless mineral spirits, and paper stumps....all purchased at Hobby Lobby, using a two 40% coupons on two separate days ....{SCORE}Teehee. I chose the woodless pencils, I figure I get more bang for my buck that way.

I stamped my image using Black Stazon ink... and poured very little of the spirits (doesn't take much) in a plastic container and I have dedicated this container just for this. I forgot to mention that you will need a nail file to file off the stump when changing colors.

I only add color to the shadow areas normally an blend from where I want the darkest and then to the lightest area to get the base color that I want.

Then dip just the tip of your stump into the spirits. It takes very little...you just want it damp, not dripping.
You will know when to re-dip when you hear a slight squeaking sound, you want it to glide on the paper rather than scrub.

I continue to add more color and shadow colors where I think they need to be.

Filing the color off the end of the stump. Just remember to file at an angle so you don't lose the sharp point.

Still adding more color. WOW this is one Funky Chicken....bwahahahahaha.
I wonder what color eggs this one lays???

The chicken in her finest feathers..... I added grass and some blue for a little sky, as if she needed any more dressing up.

And finally the finished card.... wow that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. But, I could show you so much more if I had a video camera...hmmmmmm {note to self...Mother's Day is coming.... hahahaha}

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.
Until later....TFL


Linda B said...

This was a great tutorial! TFS:)

Linda B said...

Hey Crystal, I just heard about a DT call that you would be perfect for -- check it out at http://www.whimsystamps.blogspot.com/
Good Luck:)

Holly said...

Crystal, great tutorial! I love the card!

TeresaW said...

That is such a good tutorial. I know what a stump is now, and I just love the end result. Mother's day has gone, did you get that vidio?

msfreida said...

Fantastic tutorial! Your card is ADORABLE, not like the Funky Chicken I remember! ;)

I LOVE your blog! I had no clue you lived south of Spain until the other day! HOW COOL!


msfreida said...

LOL! Did you know you lived south of Spain??? Didn't think so!!!! LOL Oh, I AM getting OLD! I got you mixed up with Teresa on Squigglefly's group! SO SORRY CRYSTAL!

Maybe we can go there on a field trip though! :)