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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MIA......but was on a mission!!!

Check out the pics below.....most of the ladies in my family are now into the extreme couponing.... I have always used coupons, but they have converted me as well. Its like a game now.  We are emailing each other sales, deals, etc......

The pic below was a shopping excursion I went on Sunday to buy.....
I spent $218.51
minus coupons, store promos, clearances........
I was out of pocket $108.27
You do the math....  I was tickled!!! 
Fave buy was the M&M's .....they were in the christmas clearance for 70% off ....which made them 1.20
after my coupon for 1.50 off two bags that made them 25 cents a bag.

Another great deal was the Hunts tomatoes ....on sale for .49 at Kroger
used coupon and ended up paying .19 cents a can.

 This shopping trip was yesterday...... I spent 124.48 after coupons, sales, etc......
I paid out of pocket 56.58
Fave buy here were the light bulbs which were FREE. One bottle of Eucerin was free also. Scott tissue was 3.77 after coupons...and the cereal I ended up paying approx. .50 cents per box.

Its really worth scanning the papers, the sales papers, internet, anywhere you can find deals.  
The trick is wait for the items to go on sale then use a coupon.  Most people don't know that you can use a store coupon out of their sales paper and a mfg coupon together. But you can with most stores.  Most Publix stores will take Target coupons. So many ways to beat the system so to speak.......Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Check on the internet, look up coupon sites and they can give you the low down on how to do it.
And it is so FUN watching that total go down.....

Until later, Bargain Bettys........Gotta split.......TFL!!!!!!


flowerdisco said...

oh my...fabulous!!

Boni said...

OOooh I knew there was more than just reason why I love you so much!! Bargain hunting my FAV!! Great Job!

Jen said...

So awesome!!! I wish I had the patience to do this...lol

Karen said...

Crystal, you are one thrifty woman!! I always start to do coupons, but then I get lazy!! Great Job, Karen<3