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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I {heart} Giraffes!!!

Giraffes are my fave animal evah!!!!! Not sure what it is, but I love to watch them. Anytime we go to a zoo I have to find them first. This past summer we went to the San Francisco zoo.  It was fab-u-lous!!!!  We went thru the gate and what was the first animal we saw.....yep you guessed it.  G-I-R-A-F-F-E-S....  I think the whole zoo staff heard me squeal with delight.  We got there as they were just opening and they were starting to feed the animals... the San Fran zoo have these observation decks on some of the exhibits.  We were just leaving the deck and I saw a zoo caretaker with a lot of branches heading our way.   Yep, she was going to feed the giraffes a treat right off the deck.   OMG...they came right up and took the treats.....  I was giddy with excitement. 
Ok, enough about my silliness....... Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Today's challenge is bitter sweet....  Glitterbabe is going to cancel the challenge blog. I think she'll be having one more and then its Adios amigo!!! It's getting to be too much work and she's not able to have any fun herself.  But she's not going anywhere...she will still be blogging and having way for fun to boot.

The challenge is pretty simple. It was to use a Pink Gem image and of course some ~*~bling~*~....
I used bic markers to color the g-raff (a little secret ~ I had to use my markers, as I accidently left slick photo paper in my printer and color pencils wouldn't work to color the image...shhhhhh) and added some glitter to the heart spots. The heart bling is actually from the Glitterbabe herself....sweet, huh????

When I saw this giraffe I knew immediately it was for me.  Around our house we call them G-raffs, {emphasis on the G} not sure why I started calling them that, but now everyone does.....bwahahahahahaha.

So, get on over there and bling it up before its too late!!!!

Until later, G-raffians........Gotta split.......TFL!!!!!

1 comment:

flowerdisco said...

very cute card :)

my son's gf loves giraffes too. i just got her one at etsy and we put it in the bingo bag i made and all looks so nice.
i find them very interesting too.