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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

♫ You say its your birthday.....♫

♫ Na na na na na na nah......♫ Happy birthday to you......♫ na na na na na nah...♫....sorry I was singing......you can pull your fingers outta your ears now. Do you know what group sang this particular little ditty????? Yep, the Beatles..... Wow, I'm showing my age with that one!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.

Again this image is from Stamp N plus Scrap N.... lots of great stuff she had over there.

I will give this one to my oldest grand daughter {her name is Lyric} she will be turning 8 yrs. old, Feb. 17th.

Gonna be short and sweet tonight, I've had a rough day.... all three of my daughters, count 'em 3, got on my last nerve today. It was exhausting; I'm getting way to old for this!!! LOL

Until later, Song birds having birthdays......Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i hear ya singing! and that dog is howling. he wants to EAT that cake!!!!


love the name - lyric - too!

hugs :)

coldwaters2 said...

Hey Crystal your back with us and a newly married lady whoopee how great. Loving the card it's brilliant so is your singing lol. There isn't a follower box on your blog so I can't rejoin you

Lorraine x