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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Put your lips together and blow....

This card couldn't be more appropriate for today. Seems like I'm always fixing someone's problems....
The image is from Viva Las Vegastamps.....they have some cute stuff. The lips is a punch I purchased at Tuesday Morning....cool huh???
LOL Here's the background story: We live in the city limits of Roopville, (pop. approx. 200) The house we live in is 60 yrs old and we have slowly been re-doing it. There is an old house next door to us that hasn't been occupied in almost two years, the owner's son moved in for a few months , but that's about it. This morning I let Booboo out to potty and I heard water flowing, of course I needed to investigate, Jeff might say I was being nosey.....LOL. Well, there is water flowing out the back door and wall, it looks like Niagara Falls. With the low temps and the house not having heat since before the deep freeze, the pipe must have finally thawed so the water was flowing. I called the owner of the house, the number they gave to call (in case I saw people over there or anything going on) was disconnected. So, I trapse out in the dark with a flashlight and find the meter and have to turn off the water with a pair of pliers myself...... ARGGHHH !!!! We have no city water authority, the city clerk handles it. But now we have no city clerk and we run off of two very large wells and I didn't want our wells to be depleted. I think I will call the mayor later today and see if there isnt some type of resolution regarding the city clerk. Heck, maybe I'll be city clerk one day, better yet MAYOR!!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Until later, My Constiuents..........Gotta split..........TFL!!!!!

1 comment:

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh you'd be a perfect mayor!!!!!

super card. lip punch huh! never saw one, but if i did i'd grab it too!

hugs :)