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Thursday, October 7, 2010

FALL IN........LOVE!!!!!!!

Fall is in the air and also on this challenge at the Glitterbabe Challenge Blog.  It's being sponsored by Deedee's digi's.  This is one of the images and its adorable.   I had to quickly throw this one together yesterday, I was a bit out of time. 
Let me tell you why..........
Let me begin by saying; I love our Booboo but I have stated several times I DO NOT want another dog.
FYI: Never say never !!!!!
A friend of mine found a dog walking in the middle of traffic about a week ago and took it home to care for it and see if she could find the owner.  My friend then took it to the local vets, posted flyers and all the normal processes in order to find the owner of this dog. .....to no avail.
She also posted it on facebook with pics.  Now I see lots of pics of dogs, cats, family pets via facebook all the time. But this caught my eye.  My friend then started posting all the dog's manners......how sweet she was, she didn't bark, she was housebroken and she was good with kids, on and on and on.....
Then said friend stated she could no longer keep her and that she needed to find a home for the dog.....no one offered.  This went on for a week and then said friend stated that the shelter was the only other option.  Thats when I posted and said I was interested.  I called her and we were discussing the dog and  arrangements for me to pick her up.  I asked her a few questions regarding the dog and then I asked did it have a name.  She said that the dog had a collar but there were no tags to indicate any name. My friend said we've just been calling her Looloo.  I said " You're kidding me" and then I told her the name of our dog.......Booboo.  It was like Looloo belonged to us and as you can see from the picture why I fell in love with her instantly.

Except for the spots on their bodies looking different. They look like twins.....
Booboo is on the left and Looloo is on the right.
As you can see from the pics that they became instant friends and respect each others boundaries when it comes to food, sleeping arrangements, etc......

Now wipe your tears and get over to the fall challenge before winter sets in.

Until later, dog lovers.......Gotta split.........TFL!!!!!!!


ileana said...

Hi Crystal! first your card: I love the colors you chose and the punch you used, they give a wonderful look to your card. Love how you colored the image :-)
Love your story about Looloo, it had to be a hard time for her without her family, but life is giving her a second chance, hope you all can have a wonderful time together. All the best for you, your family and your new member! Hugs,

Karen said...

Oh, such a sweet story - congratulations on the happy addition to your family!
I did a similar thing - over a year ago. Saw a little black and tan rescue but thought we don't need or want a THIRD dog. Yeah - he came home with me and I had to try to explain to my hubby why. The new litle dog was in the house all of 2 minutes when he fell in love with his furry 'sisters' and all of us and everyone loved him immediately right back. It was like he had always been part of our family. Crazy how things like that work out, isn't it?
Good for you to give her a chance to live in a loving home.