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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The stockings were hung.......

Notice that Booboo and Looloo already have stuff in theirs.  LOL Yes, they get goodies too. We usually get them a new toy, chewies and treats.
Since adding Looloo to our cast of characters; I had to make new stockings.  I made the previous ones years ago and finding that particular fabric would have been impossible.  It was just easier making new ones.  I used an old tablecloth that my sister gave me cause she knows I sew frequently and could possibly use it. It didn't fit any table we had here anyway. Had some remnants of christmas fabrics for the band and made a ruffle with some matching green on top of the band.  Besides it was the perfect opportunity to try using the heat transfer vinyl for the wording. 
I purchased my vinyl HERE.  It doesnt come with instructions, but I found a very useful instructional tutorial on Expressionsvinyl.com.  It was easier that I had imagined. Its different than the vinyl for walls.  You have to reverse the wording before cutting, but thats really just a push of the button....on the Expression or Gypsy.  I used the Storybook cartridge via my Gypsy.  I {heart} using the gypsy.  It makes sizing the items soooo much easier, just like Design Studio.  I knew I had a limited space to use and I made each name to fit the designated area. Oh, another note: when using any of the vinyl products you don't have to weld the pieces together. Which saves a step.....well, unless you really want to. 

I have the Design Studio also, but my laptop is upstairs in my office and my studio is downstairs. I didn't want my "trip" down the stairs to turn into a real TRIP.....Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! 

Until later, santa helpers......Gotta split......TFL!!!!

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you are just a barrel of talent! these are stunning! i'll be your "pet" and you can make me a stocking to hang on your mantel???? you can just put GLITTERBABE on it!!!!

hugs :)