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Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's IRON out a few issues......

There are only a few household chores that I dread..... vaccuming and ironing. 
With that said, I love being a SAHM.  
My hubs loves that I do a great job keeping the household running smoothly.....
and CLEAN!!!

Don't ya love this.....I do!!!
This has to be my expression on my face when I feel the dread of any 
impending ironing looming over my head....
not sure what she's thinking but I'm probably thinking that very thought myself.

I going to hang this in my laundry room and maybe it'll give me a *giggle* 
when I have actual ironing to do.


First I went looking in my studio for something of a household nature to use as the base.
I found a balsa wood ironing board....perfect.
I then, covered it with some thin batting and then this gorgeous black gingham.
I added some cotton cord on the back for a hanger and then added the peachy/pink 
card stock to the backside to cover up the fabric ends.
I found this peachy/pink floral fabric and cut a small rectangle and used and adhered it to the top of the ironing board at an angle and gathered a little. 
I used a piece of metal from a soda can and made a makeshift iron using a paper piercer and a stylus to emboss the edges a bit. 
Then stamped the lady's face stamp onto the same peachy/pink card stock using black ink and blushed up her cheeks with some chalk. I used a white gel pen to highlight her eye a wee bit also.
Stamped the sentiment and used coordinating oval punches.

Supply List w/ links:

The stamps can be purchased here......

The rest of the items were in my stash of 'schtufffff ' as my hubs so lovingly call it.

Until later, jokesters.......Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!!!

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