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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little birdie told me.....

that MyGrafico is having a challenge...... bwahahahahahaha!!!! This is the freebie image you can snag and make something cool to submit to the challenge. So, fly on over there and chirp for your freebie and get started...as soon as you get finished here, first!!!!! LOL
The image is only one bird, but I copied it and reduced it to make the smaller one. I cut the branch out of some handmade paper, it has sorta a bark-y look. Very simple layout and image was easy to color. You know how I love to color....I have to color something at least once a day; it makes me 'crazy happy' !!!!!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed the freebie yesterday. I love drawing and doodling while I'm watching TV at night, or while I'm pretending to watch TV...teehee. When Jeff is home he loves to watch the history channel and things of that nature. Me, not so much, but I have to admit some of the things are pretty interesting. But it has to catch my attention quick or it has lost me for the duration.
I have tons of doodles that need to be refined and brought to life, so we will see how well it goes.

Until later, Chickadees.............Gotta split............TFL !


Holly said...

Hey ya Crystal! I love the paper you used on this! The whole card has such a happy feel to it!
I made a card with your freebie yesterday; it's on my blog today. I'm with ya on the coloring everyday thing AND the history channel thing!

Denise Clark said...

Crystal, I love what you did with the birds! Great idea! Love the colors you used too!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

this is another Crystal beauty. i love it!

i did something with that adorable dog you put up for adoption yesterday, be sure to check it out at .... where else...... GLitterbabe's.


Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

Love the birdies - I just got mine and will play this weekend - I've got BIG plans for your little doggy too!! Oooh I just felt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz....your middle name isn't Dorothy is it? heehehe

Linda B said...

This card is one of my favorites:)

Justine said...

This is wonderful, I love your color combo and you are a Superb colorer. Did you see what Stef did with you sweet little baby from yesterday? Too cute