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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its teacher appreciation week...

...look what Harlee and I made for her teacher... Let me just say, I'm NOT a floral designer by any stretch of the imagination, bwahahahahahaha. But we did OK...since it started out as giving her one peony and this is what exploded from the vase, bwahahahahaha; she even stuck a few honeysuckles in there. We have the most beautiful Peonies in our front yard and they are huge.... they just get bigger and bigger every year. This one is as big as a dinner plate, yeah really. So, give your kids/gkids teachers some love this week. Believe me, I know; being a substitute teacher has opened my eyes to the hassle that they really go thru....imagine having 20 people in your house and they are stuck in one room, and everyone wants your attention at once, half really dont want to be there, a quarter are asking you a million questions (yes, even personal ones...arrgh), the remaining ones just want lunch or recess. Bwahahahahahaha....its all in a day of teaching.... Bless your heart...Mrs. Lawson (Harlee's home room teacher)!!!


~*Joni said...

Yay! Mrs. Lawson will be thrilled to have that - it's so beautiful and from the heart, that's the most important thing. I need to pick up some goodies for the teachers this week - thanks for the reminder! Except that I don't have big ole flowers out front yet. :( Happy evening Crystal!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Oh this is beautiful. I love peonies. My neigbor has 2 bushes right between our houses and I pick them all the time. Good thing she lets me too!

Too bad teacher's are soooo under appreciated AND under paid. They're job - IMO - is harder than parenting! They have more than 2 kids.