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Monday, May 11, 2009

Awesome giveaway!!!

Edited to add: This will remain on top until Monday, May 11th... please scroll down to see addtional posts.....
Harlee will be picking the winner Sunday night before she goes to bed...LOL She goes to bed around 9:00 pm, so you have until then to enter....... Thanks everyone and Good Luck!!!!
Ok, everyone...here is a great chance to win blog candy... My maiden voyage into the blog candy giveaway realm. bwahahahahahaha Harlee will be turning double digits on May 1oth, yep she will be 1o yrs old. So, I'm giving away some candy for your birthday, whether its early or late, its your time to celebrate too! It isnt much but its a start, a couple of card kits, heart clips, white gel pen, stickers, a book mark, a fabric creaser (I actually use this instead of a bone folder), paper (6x6-24 sheets of 6 different designs) and last but not least some scraps of ribbon. I'm going to let Harlee pull the name out of a hat(she will love doing that) and I will announce the winner Monday the 11th. Please post this on your blog and let everyone know and GOOD LUCK!!!! Oh, I need to tell you how to enter, just leave a comment in this post to enter.
Until later sweeties....Gotta split....Good Luck!!!!!


~*Joni said...

Happy soon to be Bday Harlee!!! No need to add me into the mix, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I think it's awesome that you are celebrating her bday with everyone. :D The big 10!! YAY! A perfect 10 too! :D Good luck to all who enter, have a great day Crystal, and hug Booboo for me. ;)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

You know I'm sooooo there and if you taught Haylee right, you KNOW she's gonna draw my name too!


Heather "Hev" said...

Happy Birthday to Haylee :)

Thank you for the chance to win :)

Hugs Heather

mitch1066 said...

well i'm obeying Stef and entering here.
Happy Birthday greetings Harlee all the way from Canada:)

Lora said...

Happy birthday to Harlee! Thanks for the chance to win. I will go link you on my blog.
Lora x

coldwaters2 said...

Stef has mentioned your candy and sent me over but I have wanted to join your blog for so long now. I have seen you commenting on some of the blogs I visit so here I am to wish your little girl a Happy Birthday for 11 th May. I have put a link in my sidebar and have also become a follower so I can visit you regularly.
Lorraine x

Justine said...

Aren't you the sweetest. I am also putting together my "maiden voyage"in blog candy land. Let me know how it goes and any advice that you have or learn along your Journey.

Christina said...

Thanks for the chance to win. :)

Renee G said...

Wow - Hope she has a great birthday.

Please include me in her drawing.


shantel said...

Happy Birthday Harlee from the Bahamas.

MoooooN said...

Hello! What's a candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy". http://scrapmooooon.blogspot.com
Thanks for a chance to win!


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Happy Birthday Harley! My daughter, Nicki, turns 10 next month!My baby.....I will link the candy on my blog. Thanks for a chance to win.

Denise Clark said...

I'm in, Crystal! Candy? You bet! Happy Birthday Harlee!!!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Harley! Double digits is a HUGE deal. I hope your life is filled with love, laughter and fun!

Agus :) said...

happy birthday to haylee :) lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!

Here is my blog.



Alex said...

Happy birthday to you, girl!! What fabulous candy!! How sweet are you, celebrating YOUR birthday by giving someting to someone else!


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Harlee!!! My daughter will be in double digits soon enough....it is so sad.

Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to everyone.

Ivolina said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!
Many happiness to her.
Wonderful candy. Thank you for a chance.
I have left a link about your candy on my blog sidebar.

Roberta Laliberte said...

Happy B-day sweetie! I hope its all you hoped for. Sweet candy by the way! Thanks!

PS She's pullin my name G-babe!

Char in So Cal said...

Happy 10th birthday Harlee! My son Joshua just turned 10 a few days ago. He just informed me that this is what is called your golden birthday because you turn 10 on the 10th :0)

Crystal, I don't have a blog of my own but I do have e-mail and I have sent a link to your site to all my crafty gal pals!

Thanks for the op to win some YUMMY blog candy and CHEERS to Harlee turning double digits!!

Char in So Cal
{scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}

June said...

Hi Crystal, happy birthday Harlee !!!
I have just found your blog and its lovely and thanks for doing a birthday treat candy ... its my big 50th birthday next month so i am also looking forward to a celebration altho i think i would be happy to swap ages with Harlee lol.
Beautiful candy and please count me in.
PS ... If you get chance i have a 'pay it forward candy' to win on my soartful blog that you might want to try for :) .
Hugs June xxxx

Ksenia said...

hello! The candy is fantastic!
My link is http://miawoo.blogspot.com/2009/05/blog-candy-1105.html

Anonymous said...

Great! Would love to be included!
I put a link on my sidebar.

Alex and Melissa said...

I will post this on my blog Crystal - how totally fabulous!! Happy bday to Harlee, lol!!

Did you enter my blog candy? There is still time....and try outs too!!


Martha said...

great candy ;)

Meche said...

wow lovely blog candy! i dont have a blog yet (i can wait to start one..) but i will tell my friend about your blog candy :)

p.s: this is my mail if you need something: mecheche@gmail.com

Creativika said...

Hi! Great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I linked it on my sidebar! Greetings from Moldova!


liam keith said...

Happy Birthday to Harlee when it comes. Next year when you turn 11 (that's how old I am), it becomes a pain in the butt because you have to do more chores lol
Thank you for the chance to win this cool candy. I have started cardmaking so if I win I won't have to use my mum's stash :)
Hugs Liam xx
p.s have linked you on my blog

Lynn Mercurio said...

Holy criminy, Crystal, what a load of candy...I feel a tooth ache coming on. LOL

brooklyn said...

Happy 10th birthday Harlee . That's a big one. Have a wonderful day. That blogcandy looks quite yummy. Hugs from Michigan.

bonnie32002 said...

How fun!
Happy Birthday to your daughter.


Marjanne said...

happy birthday to Crystal. Thank you for this candy!!

StampinCathy said...

Happy 10th Birthday Harlee! This is some FUN celebration candy you are celebrating with. Hope your day is filled with fun and you get everything you want. Thanks for a chance.

Pat (mspfd) said...

Happy Birthday, Harlee! Hope you had a great day. I'm also turning double digits today, but I'm lots older!

Super blog candy. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for the blog hop. Good luck!!

Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

Harlee, Harlee, Bo-Barlee
Banana-fana fo-farlee
Woop Woop! Party like it's your Birthday!

Welcome to the double digi's!! Too cool for school!! Rock On! Woop Woop!! (giggles) Yes I do still act like I'm ten!

CraftingAnu said...

Happy birthday to Harlee in advance! Awesome candy to celebrate too. Its so nice you're doing this on her birthday. I am heading over to my blog right now to link you up.

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Happy Birthday to Harlee for 10/5/09. I have put myself as a follower and have also added your blog to my daily dose e-mail from FeedBlitz. I have added a link to your blog candy in my sidebar at:


Best wishes, Kym xxx

Mouse40 said...

Happy Birthday to Haylee!!
Great blogcandy! Thanks for the chance to win!
I posted a link on my blog:

Lovely Linda said...

Wow double digits - it happens so fast!!! What a great way to celebrate too Crystal - thank you for the opportunity to play. Your Blog is new to me and I am going to become a follower...your style is unique and I love it!!! I am going to link your candy to my BLOG...which is here:


God bless you Crytal...Haooy Birthday Harlee!

kary said...

wOw!!! butiful candy! Thank you to the chance to winning and welcome to my blog http://karysoltany.blogspot.com/

Jacilynn said...

I swear I commented on this before, but I must be losing my mind. Any ways Happy Day to Harlee!

Amy Yang said...

Happy Birthday Harlee!

Lykoe said...

Well-well-well, what a great candy I see here! :)

I would love to have it, seriously :))

So I've linked it in my candy-sidebar on my blog :)




may-chu said...

Happy birthday to Harlee! she's turning 10 on may 10th? oh that's dear! I remember when I turend 16 on may 16th... since my name is May it was so cool! I was really excited!
so happy b-day to Harlee (and me, soon). and thanks for the candy!
here, I blogged it here:

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Thank you for celebrating yur big day with everyone and the chance to win such a great assortment of candy.



Cindy Coutts said...

Thank you for the opportunity and Happy Birthday to the princess!