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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Extra....extra......read all about it......

I am currently an 'extra' in a movie being filmed here in Georgia.

I snuck this pic while the film crew was setting up for another scene....
we (the extras) were in the holding area waiting to be called back in.

 to learn more about the movie. 

It's a very interesting experience.... 
I think everyone should do it at least once. 

At first I was placed right behind one of the female leads 
and they did a few run throughs
 of the script and testing out the lighting, cameras, sound, etc.....
The director stopped and pointed at me and motioned to one of the makeup artists and said "Move her and tell her why I'm moving her".
She came to my side and said "Come with me"   
I wasn't alarmed nor did I think I did anything wrong....as they had moved several people around to get better shots of the courtroom crowd.
She placed me a few rows back.  Then told me "The director said that you are over-shadowing the female lead and you are all they are seeing in the cameras." 
I said "Wow, thank you".....she then leaned in and whispered to me .....
"Girl, you are rockin' that hairstyle."

I was grinning ear to ear and that point.... I had to erase it quickly as they were getting ready for another film 
test and run through of the script.
This being a very serious courtroom scene and all.  

It was a very fun and interesting day to say the least. 
 I met some amazing people and a lot of 'professional' extras....
this may be my next career choice ...
if not, at least I added another drop into the 'ol bucket list. 

After this experience it will make you look at the behind the scenes people a lot more.

Until later, Star gazers.......Gotta act split.......TFL!!!!!

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