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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 the wheel !!!!!!

Guess what I did yesterday?????? 

I auditioned for the WHEEL of FORTUNE show!!!!!
They had a call for contestants in the Atlanta area and I was called.

It was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown ATL.

This is the wheel that was used, the screen behind the wheel is where the puzzles were shown we had to solve. 

These are the buses in the hotel parking lot.

There was a written test and this is the pencil that we were given to use.....and yes we got to keep them.  
{Future scrapbooking material.....just sayin'}

I actually solved 2 puzzles and I won this talking Vanna key ring by solving the first one. 

I made it through all the rounds and now I just have to wait and see if I get a letter in the mail that tells me I made it on the show.  

No letter.....no show....

But I really think I did a great job and will make the show.
 {Lots of clapping and smiling, clapping and smiling.....
did I say clapping and smiling!!!} 

It was so much fun and can't wait until the real thing!!!!

Until later, wheel watchers......Gotta spin split.......TFL!!!!

This is from the local news station.  They were filming while we were auditioning....if you blink you will miss me.  I'm at approx. 1:32 on the counter.  I'm wearing a red jacket sitting on the front row!!!


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