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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poncho shirt getting "fleeced"....

My new guilty pleasure to wear is this poncho type shirt.
  I just throw on a tank top and then this over it and a pair of jeans and 
I'm ready to walk out the door {well after a shower and make-up and doing my hair}.

It's so comfy too...   

I purchased this one at Rue21 for approx. $12.
When I got home I was looking at it and decided I could make this a lot cheaper...

So here goes..........

I first found some fleece that was on sale at a local Wally world.
I purchased 1-1/2 yds of each piece.

I'll have 4 news ones to wear that only cost me $4.41 each.  

This is the original garment.
Its much like a cape, but it is stitched
 approx. 4" up each seam on the bottom to mimic sleeves.

I laid down some brown paper and cut out a pattern.  

These are the pattern pieces {body, hood and pocket}.

I decided to just fold the fleece in half and instead of cutting two separate pieces for the body, I cut one on the fold at the shoulders.  
I did cut the neckline out. 

This is the end result.... looks exactly like the purchased one. 
Minus the extra seams and pull ties......

I used a tiny zigzag stitch.  The fleece has a slight stretchiness to it
 and I didn't want the seams to break.

Now to finish the other colors......

Until later, sew true friends......Gotta sew split.....TFL!!!!!

1 comment:

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

way to go crystal! i love the color and the pockets in the front. great job!

so? how u be? i did tell you hubby passed away didn't i? in august. but hey! i'm doing great! hope all is well with you.

hugs :)