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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our new "drankin" stemware........

I've seen them called by different name......Redneck Wine Glass, Redneck Drinking glass.....etc.....

I made these for my Great-nephew and his new bride as part of their wedding presents.  I also made them a glass etched tray and a photo album to add pics too  later. 

Super simple to make.  I have seen them in specialty shops and online for a premium price up to $14.95 each.  Ouch......if you paid that much how can you afford to fill it up with any liabtion.......Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

I found some cheap-y glass candle holders and already had some E6000 epoxy and said to myself......."Self, you can make these for under $2 a piece."  So I did!!!!!  

Here's the label I made.....   the care instructions was easy...... being from the south, I have relatives that talk just like that.  

I will be making more of these......too fun!!!!

Until later, funnelers drinkers..........Gotta drink split........TFL!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

they must have fallen off their seats when they opened these. how fabulous!!! you are too dang creative!

hope all is well.

hugs :)