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Friday, February 27, 2015

Whooo's EXPLORING with Spectrum Noir markers???

After visiting the Scrapbook Expo last year in Duluth, GA. 
 I was really intrigued with the outline stickers that you can 
purchase to place on microfine glitter paper and then color with alcohol markers. 

I decided I could try to make my own.  They actually sold the sheets that you applied the microfine glitter to....to create more glitter sheets.  That was the easy part.  
I had some Stick 'n Hold for Crafts sheets.  Its a paper that has the adhesive in between two release paper.  I peeled off one side and applied it to some white card stock.  

Then I peeled off the other release paper to reveal the adhesive,  I applied diamond color microfine glitter to the adhesive rubbing it in really well with my fingertips.
Use a lot of pressure to flatten out the glitter and push it into the adhesive. 

Shake off excess and you have your base glitter sheet. 

Now, the stickers that they had were just outlines of  various images. 
 Nothing really that appealed to me personally,  
How was I going to create some fine line detail and then actually stick it on the glitter paper???

My Cricut Explore!!!!!!  
I found a free coloring page online and downloaded to my computer.  It happened to be a .png. 
I opened Design Space and uploaded it and then added it to my mat. 
Cleaned up all the negative spaces and then cut it using black card
stock.  Be vary careful removing it from the mat.....its fragile.

I used my 5" Xyron sticker maker to add the sticky on the back and 
I had an outline sticker.

So far, so good!!!!!

I used a small wallpaper seam roller to make sure that it was adhered really well to the glitter paper and then pulled out my Spectrum Noir markers and went to town coloring. 
Now, don't freak out if you get some specks of glitter on your marker.
I just took a paper town and wiped them right off.

It looks just like the product I was drooling over at the Scrapbook Expo.
Look how thin those black card stock lines are.

Why not buy it while I was there?  Well,  I knew I had the adhesive sheets already and microfine glitter is so readily available.  I knew I could create the sheets at home.  The stickers were the issue, but that is solved now.  I can create ANY image I wish with my Explore.

Until later, fellow coloring explorers.......Gotta split color......TFL!!!!!!

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