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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dream a little dream of me........

We recently purchased a new bedroom suite (sleigh bed).  I love it.  But I had the hardest time trying to find decor that I wanted to hang over the headboard. 
Our room is painted a light teal green because the Comforter set is chocolate brown with a paisley print with that color. 

Here is the finished room. You can see the finished prints hanging....love them!!!

Ok, back to the making of the prints...

I looked at several stores, Ross, Tj Maxx, Belks, etc........
couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.
So off to Goodwill I go.....
Found these two framed pics......not really liking the prints, but loved the frames.

 and what a steal at $12.92 each

Then off to Hobby Lobby which is 2 stores down from Goodwill.
I found a poster that was the exact colors in our bedroom....
even better the posters were 50% off .
This one was 17.99, so I only paid $8.99.

I took the prints out of the frames and laid them side by side onto the poster.
They fit perfectly width wise, but I would lose a little off the top and bottom. 

This is how I cut it.  I would use the 2 middle sections. 

This is how they look after painting the frames a dark chocolate brown to match the furniture and the prints put in.

Never, ever, ever....settle.  Things can be taken apart, cut, painted, to suit your taste.

Experiment a little.....this whole project cost me a little under $35 for both framed pics. 
As you can see from the first picture that they are pretty large and one would have cost me at least 3 times that amount. 

Until later, DIY-ers........Gotta split......TFL!!!!!

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Stef H said...

i LOVE the wall color! love it! your pictures are gorgeous!

how in the world to you make a bed with a footboard? oy yoy yoy!

hugs :)