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Monday, February 13, 2012

Holy {heart} day Batman!!!

My caped crusader will be getting this card and some 'lounge wear',
 that's what we like to call our lay around the house clothes.

Or is it his special bat suit..... 
 giving him the ability to hold down the couch after supper all the while with his eyes closed.


 His lounge wear consists of a t-shirt with pj pants, sweat pants, or jogging pants. 

For his {heart} day present this year I got him a t-shirt (with the "bat" signal logo) on the front and a pair of blue plaid flannel pants.
  He'll be getting some sweets too, chocolate covered cherries....!!!

So I had to make him a shaped card that reflected his present. 

I have the Batman cricut cart ....perfect!!!!

I followed the basic batman face as it shows on the booklet.....buttttttt

Wow, looks like Batman grew a mustache.  
No, it isn't a clever disquise.  I hand cut and added the mustache to look like my hubs....
he really is my super hero.  

Until later, damsels........I mustache....(teehee).......TFL!!!!!!

1 comment:

flowerdisco said...

you always make me laugh.
love the batman!
---my husband is into super heroes, do i take yours is too?
mine just got a captain america statue not too long ago. one more thing to collect dust, lol.
take care!