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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A visit from the North Pole....sorta......

well, some of the snow at least.....


This Inst-snow stuff is too much fun.  I bought this jar using a 40% off  coupon a few yrs. back from Hobby Lobby and I still have about 1/2 jar.
I think it's original price was about $10......so it was a real bargain using a coupon. 

Every year I package up two scoops into each bag and 
put them on the tree for the grands to grab to take home. 
(For 1 scoop add two oz. of water)

It makes a pretty good size bowl for each child to play with.
It actually feels cool to the touch and fluffs up pretty big.
They have the best time thinking they have REAL snow from the North Pole.

The packaging is pretty simple.
 2"x3" jewelry baggies
4" x 3" blue cardstock (folded in half)
*Creative Memories snowflake punch
(* If you need any CM products....just check my sidebar--->)
CLICK on the link.
Wording was computer generated
small stick-on jewel.

I also spray their packages with vanilla scented spray.....

One of my grands says that if they smell like milk and cookies
 then they came from Santa.

Even though they have a tag on them saying they are from "Poppy and Sugar",
 we tell them Santa brought them here, special delivery.

The magic of Christmas....!!!!!!!

Until later, snow bunnies........Gotta split.....TFL!!!!!!

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