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Monday, June 27, 2011

I made it!!!!!

Yep, that's me in a cap and gown.

As the graduating class of 1979 from Douglas County High School, we try to have mini get-togethers every 3 months or so.  I don't think I have missed one since we have started them.  We meet up and talk old times and laugh until we cry.  Most of them I have known since elementary school.  So, they are very dear to me.

Now the story behind the cap and gown pic.  Yes this was taken just the other day at one of these before mentioned events. It was a total surprise to me that it was going to happen. I still tear up when I think about it. 
It took everything I had not to cry while I was putting on the cap and gown.  

You see I never got to participate in the actual event in 1979.  My daddy was killed in an auto accident and I had to go to work in my junior year of high school and I totally missed my senior year and all the fun and excitement that it brings.  Then I chose to get married and have kids pretty early and school was pushed back even further.  (I knew I was running away from the situation, even back then.) Though I have no regrets......it was a path chosen for me.

Here is a speech that I wrote after I printed out the picture and crying many tears.

Graduation Speech

As you look at the picture before you......me wearing the canary yellow cap and gown of the (ladies required attire) class of 1979, please reflect back. To that sweltering day on the field of green where tackles, punts and field goals were made, your family in the stands sweating right along with you hoping for just small quick glance of their loved one in the graduating class proudly wearing their cap and gown. I would have given anything to have been sweating right along with you on that field. But life's path had a detour for me. It was a rocky path at times, but I chose to not let those rocks make me stumble. Many years later I went back to school, got the required paperwork (diploma) to graduate. But it was bitter-sweet. Though I have never complained about missing out on the big event in 1979 to anyone, someone else knew the meaning of what that simple nylon canary yellow outfit could really mean. She surprised me last night and told me that I deserved to wear it and I was truly one of the class. So thanks to my sweet friend Dawn for thinking about little 'ol me and fulfilling a dream I have had for the last 32 years!!!!!!
Remember, its truly the little things!!!!!!!
Class of 1979

Ok, now I'm crying again.....LOL  But they are happy tears!!!!!

Until later, FRIENDS.........Gotta split.......TFL!!!!

ADDENDUM:  I actually went back to DCHS (my alma mater) to get my diploma.


Melissa said...

Such a precious act of kindness and love! How sweet of Dawn to have done this for you! Congratulations on your Graduation! :)

Joan V said...

Geez, Crystal, congratulations that you made it. I only know you from blog land, but this made me tear up. I am happy for you and you are so fortunate to have a wonderful group of classmates and friends. These are true friends! Have a great day.

TuttleTime said...

What a sweet post! It's so nice of you to share this very personal experience...So glad you finally got to wear the cap and gown. you have definitely graduated, girl!!! :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

omg! it's ALL GORGEOUS!!!!

and way to go!!!

hugs :)