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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keep on........


I thought that I would show you some scrapbook pages that I have done lately.  This was a fun one to put together.
Like most kids; my daughter got a Barbie Jeep when she was probably about 3 yrs. old. We lived in Florida at the time and the weather was warm pretty much year round. {As you can tell by the nekkid torso....bwahahahahahahaha!!!}

She drove that thing all over the yard.......EVERYDAY!!!
The pic with the towel as head gear was a rainy day....did that stop her....NO!!!
Being warm, the rain isnt a cold rain like we have here in Georgia.  She just put on the towel and took off. 

Deets of the page:
I used Campout cartridge for the jeep and the grass was cut using a fiskars border.  Sorry, but I forgot what cart. I got the font from.  But I'm thinking its Printing Press......correct me if I'm wrong. 

The paper clip is from Wally world.  I'm a kid of the 60's and 70's and thats when the slogan came out....."Keep on truckin' "   Remember there was sometimes a hitch hiker's type thumb pic w/ the slogan.

I'm going to be showcasing a lot of scrap pages in the next few weeks.  I'm going on a scrappin' retreat and my focus will be on scrappin' for a while.

Until later,blog hikers.....Gotta split......TFL!!!!!

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Andrea C said...

She is gorgeous and your pages are brilliant. x