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I would classify myself as an artist. It took me a while to finally accept that monicker, but that's what I am; AN ARTIST!!! I have a wonderful hubs that supports my "talents" in most all avenues, except maybe when the credit card bill comes in the mail...LOL And I have 4 great kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love to pieces. Come on by and sit a spell and "STAMP 'TIL YA CRAMP!!! & "CROP 'TIL YA DROP!!!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bleachy fun!!!!!

I bet you thought I was going to talk about my hair....NOPE!!! In all actuality, this is my natural hair color. I don't use bleach or any chemicals on my hair. I know, I get asked a lot "what color do you use...??" I just lift up my hair and show them my roots and say its all me!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha. I was picking blackberries this morning and I have to go into the woods a little piece to get to some of them. I came in and took a shower right away 'cause it never fails I will get a tick on me and usually in my hair. Sure enough, I washed and blow dried my hair and I felt it. I went to Jeff so he could get it out and he had a hard time finding it at first, but he did. He said, "Theres no way I could miss a black tick in your white head" LOL
Anyhoo.....the card is the bleachy fun that I was talking about. I use the bleach gel pen on a stamp that I got from Mikey's and then rubbed a little around the edges to distress it a bit. Then I stamped the butterfly in black stazon and added the glitter. Pretty cool , huh???
Until later, Flutterbyes......Gotta split........TFL !!!


Denise Clark said...

Love your bleach stamping! It looks great with the glittery butterfly! Love the colors too! Great card, Crystal.

We have tons of ticks here! If you just sit out under the tree for a bit, you end up with at least one. They give me the creeps. I'm not much for any kind of bugs. Hubby tells me bugs are good for the garden. Good! Then have them stay IN THE GARDEN! LOL

~*Joni said...

Oooh! I haven't tried that technique in a while, you are truly inspiring. :D Love that stamp from M's - it looks great as a border.
And oh - I love your natural hair color. teehee! Your tick story made me squeamish, although living with a beautiful forest behind us, we need to be careful as well. Have a good day Sugar!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

never tried the bleaching thingy - on my cards - and wow! a natural blonde. no wonder you're gorgeous!

can you believe i have people asking me what i use to color my hair????? r they nuts? gray hair????? who in the would would want to color their hair gray????? amazing!

big hugs blondie!

coldwaters2 said...

Yeah Crystal this is one very cool card it is fabulous love that bleach technique and the butterfly is stunning with all that glitter.

Lorraine x

Risa said...

What a beautiful card! I love the effects from the bleach and your butterfly is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That butterfly is just so breath-taking!! I love the pretty purple sparkle!! :) HUGS